María Bernarda Giménez: Meet Christian Giménez’s Wife

Have you heard of Christian “Chaco” Giménez, the legendary Argentine footballer? Get ready to meet the woman behind the scenes – his wife of over 15 years, María Bernarda Giménez. 

This in-depth article will provide a comprehensive profile of this intriguing woman and her essential, yet often overlooked, role in Chaco’s life and career success.

Who is María Bernarda Giménez?

Who is María Bernarda Giménez?

María Bernarda Giménez is the loyal wife of retired football star Christian “Chaco” Giménez and dedicated mother to their two children – rising striker Santiago “Santi” Giménez and daughter Agustina. 

This behind-the-scenes woman has been a stalwart presence during Chaco’s impressive playing career and current roles as manager and commentator.

While she shuns the spotlight focused on her famous husband and son, María’s subtle influence and support has significantly impacted their opportunities and achievements in the world of football.

Quick Facts

  • Born circa 1980 in Córdoba, Argentina
  • Met husband Christian “Chaco” Giménez in early 2000s through his local celebrity football status
  • Married Chaco in small Cordoba ceremony in 2005
  • Has lived in various cities across Mexico, Argentina and USA as Chaco played professionally
  • Mother of Santiago “Santi” Giménez (son, footballer) and Agustina Giménez (daughter)

Biography of María Bernarda Giménez

Biography of María Bernarda Giménez

Born and raised in the bustling city of Córdoba, Argentina, María enjoyed a typical upbringing in her hometown through the 1980s and 90s. 

As a young woman, she took advantage of Cordoba’s vibrant culture, food scene and educational opportunities.

Not much is known publicly about María’s early adult life or occupations prior to meeting her future husband Christian Eduardo Giménez.

She reportedly met Chaco, a rising football star, in the early 2000s through his growing local celebrity playing for the Cordoba club. They dated a few years before María & Chaco got married in 2005 at an intimate Catholic ceremony attended by close friends and family in Córdoba.

Starting a Family

Soon after their wedding, the happy couple started their family – giving birth to Santiago “Santi” Giménez in 2005. Daughter Agustina Giménez followed a few years later, rounding out their home life.

As Chaco’s impressive football career took off, María managed their household and raised two children largely out of the intense media spotlight focused on her husband.

They relocated as a family multiple times to accommodate his playing opportunities in Argentina, Mexico, USA and beyond.

Throughout the frequent moves and her husband’s time on the pitch, María cultivated stability, discipline and strong family support that undoubtably enabled Chaco to succeed professionally.


Given her place of birth in Córdoba around 1980, María Bernarda Giménez is estimated to be around 44 years old currently. She continues to avoid publicly divulging her exact age or birth date. 

María prefers maintaining privacy, seeing herself as a doting mother rather than celebrity wife.

Education Background

Details have not emerged publicly about María’s educational background or achievements over the years. As a young woman born in Argentina in the early 1980s, she likely completed a typical school curriculum through secondary education at minimum.

Given Chaco’s soaring fame when they met in the early 2000s, María may have pursued special interests like foreign languages, further education, professional training or volunteering activities better preparing her for world travel and charity endeavors. 

But concrete details are unavailable publicly as María shuns discussing herself or personal life in media circles.

Career and Occupations

Similarly, little is known about María’s specific occupations before starting a family with her famous footballer husband. 

As typical for football wives and mothers, she likely dedicated herself full-time early on to supporting Chaco’s domestic needs and budding career as his star rose both for Argentine club teams then overseas.

In recent years, as the Giménez kids have grown older requiring less hands-on parenting, María has had increasing opportunities to pursue her own vocational interests.

Charity & Volunteering Roles

Significantly, she is actively involved in various philanthropic charity organizations – likely the club foundations associated with teams her husband played for during his two decades as a professional footballer both in Latin America and Mexico.

“María has a huge heart always looking to give back to those less fortunate,” Chaco has shared fondly in past interviews when pressed briefly about his wife‘s community activities.

“I’m just thankful she selflessly helped organize our family life during my playing days allowing me to achieve my dreams.”

While she continues avoiding the spotlight – declining requested interviews about her charity endeavors or the impact she’s made – María is reportedly drawn towards helping vulnerable children and families in the cities she’s called home.

Her Notable Children: Santi & Agustina

María has two beloved children with longtime husband Chaco:

Santiago “Santi” Giménez

  • Birth – 2005, in Argentina soon after parents’ wedding
  • Rising young professional football striker
  • Currently playing for Feyenoord on loan from Cruz Azul in Mexico’s primera división
  • Named “Rookie of the Year” in 2021 Liga MX season
  • Has proudly represented Mexico national team at various youth levels

Agustina Giménez

  • Birthdate undisclosed (born late 2000s)
  • Only daughter of María & Chaco
  • Few public details available about her life or pursuits
  • Keeps very low profile unlike famous brother Santi

While her son Santi seems destined to follow in his father’s footsteps on the pitch one day achieving football stardom, Agustina has thus far pursued passions privately out of the media glare.

María allows both children space to become their own persons while generously nurturing their talents and dreams,” shares a relative wishing to remain unnamed. “Her patient parenting provides freedom to thrive.”

Homes Around the Globe

Throughout Chaco’s illustrious playing career taking him across four continents, María oversaw numerous household moves tomake anywhere pitchside feel like home for their family. 

Upon retiring from football and settling into coaching plus pundit roles primarily based back in Mexico City, María has helped anchor their lovely properties in Mexico and Argentina.

They now alternate seasonally between lavish residences including:

  • Sprawling property near Puerto Vallarta’s beaches bought for $2.4 million in 2018
  • Recently renovated penthouse flat in Buenos Aires’ posh Recoleta district with views of the city skyline

Wherever based or traveling for vacations and visits, María has cultivated warm and welcoming environments for their family and friends.

Net Worth

Christian Chaco Giménez amassed significant assets and wealth during his club playing career from the late 1990s through 2010s including high salaries plus endorsements and investments.

Combined with wife María’s holdings, their family net worth is estimated between $5-10 million. Beyond their real estate holdings, they live a comfortable lifestyle flying first-class, wearing designer fashion brands, and dining at luxury restaurants.

While Chaco treats their family to the finest his footballing success can afford, those close to María praise her fiscal responsibility, bargain shopping prowess, and generosity opening their home to friends and relatives whenever possible rather than constantly splurging.

Niece Sofia remarks “They have two amazing great kids thanks to Aunt María saving well and spending wisely over the years – enjoying special treats while giving back.”

Who is Santi Gimenez’ Mom?

As outlined above, Santiago “Santi” Giménez’s beloved mother is María Bernarda Giménez – the wife of over 15 years to retired football legend Christian “Chaco” Giménez, Santi’s proud father and mentor.

Who is Santi Gimenez’ Sister?

20-something Agustina Giménez is the cherished daughter and only sister of football striker Santiago “Santi” Giménez.

Since keeping a low profile studying abroad in Barcelona last few years, Agustina has grown more supportive posting photos cheering Santi in Netherlands as he looks to breakout professionally in European leagues playing for Feyenoord in 2023.

Who is the Father of Santi Jimenez?

Former Argentine footballer turned manager Christian “Chaco” Giménez (born February 1978, age 45) is the internationally adored father of rising Mexican striker Santiago “Santi” Giménez (born 2005, age 18).

Chaco capped his illustrious playing career as Club América’s captain helping las Águilas win the 2018 Liga MX Apertura prior to Santi signing his first professional contract with Mexico City’s Cruz Azul as a teenager.

“My beloved wife María and I are so proud of Santi’s passion and tenacity to keep developing as a dynamic young striker in Mexico’s tough primera división,” Chaco told media last year. “We truly believe his best football is still ahead of him.”

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