Are João Félix and Margarida Corceiro Still Together?

Soccer phenom João Félix and rising actress Margarida Corceiro captivated Portugal with their young love story for over 5 years. However, rampant breakup speculation in summer 2022 left fans wondering – are “Jomargui” still together now or moving on?

Neither have given definitive post-split clarity. Let’s trace back this star-crossed relationship timeline and analyze if hope remains for reconciliation.

João and Margarida Were Teenage Sweethearts Turned Celeb Couple

João and Margarida Were Teenage Sweethearts Turned Celeb Couple

Long before life in the limelight, João Félix first connected with Margarida Corceiro as teenagers back in 2015. The young athletes and actresses crossed paths through mutual friends.

At just 15 years old, Felix was already being touted nationally for silky soccer skills. By 16, driven Margarida embarked on full-time acting gigs and modeling.

Still just kids, few could predict this teenage bond blossoming into a high profile celebrity romance watched intensely by magazines and soccer fans alike.

By 2016, the young flames were spotted publicly showing sweet PDA, signaling things had evolved into an official relationship. Navigating first love while simultaneously managing dual fame trajectories proved challenging though at times.

Luckily, these ambitious stars formed a supportive partnership during the critical early stages of their parallel careers.

Meanwhile, Margarida Corceiro aggressively built up an acting and social media presence while finishing school studies. This hard working power couple seemed primed for great success together.

Persistent Cheating Rumors Created First Major Test

By 2019, João Félix had cemented himself as one of soccer’s hottest young talents after sealing a mega-money move to Spain’s La Liga.

However, with greater fame came intensified media spotlight, including Portuguese tabloid rumors of the striker cheating on Margarida during trips abroad to places like Monte Carlo.

Additional reports suggested Felix stayed out late at Madrid nightclubs flirting with women and exhibiting questionable commitment behavior. At just 19 years old, such gossip could have crushed many teenage romances.

But Margarida continued actively posting loving couple photos on Instagram with Felipe, suggesting she maintained trust in her #1 fan. João meanwhile refuted cheating assertions in interviews:

The Verdict: Despite the cheating chatter likely originating from typical soccer player stereotypes, Jomargui pushed through the first major public test of their bond by early 2020.

Moved In Together in Madrid Before Final 2022 Split

After surviving the infidelity gossip flare-up, João and Margarida only seemed to grow stronger through 2020 and 2021 – documenting romantic trips together to places like Lake Como, Italy.

By late 2021, Corceiro even reportedly moved into Félix’s luxury home in the Spanish capital.

Doubters continued questioning though if two ultra-ambitious young stars could maintain balance in a long-term relationship. But even having survived once-in-a-century events like the COVID-19 pandemic, their connection persevered proudly while supporting each other’s thriving careers.

Unfortunately in June 2022, reports surfaced that this power duo finally split up, with Corceiro deleting all traces of Félix from social media.

Neither João or Margarida themselves confirmed clear reasons though for the break-up after over half a decade together.

Had busy schedules just proven too much? Or had those old cheating whispers returned to sow seeds of doubt? Portuguese outlets speculated the full breakup truth may never come fully to light.

Devastated fans wondered if this spelled the heartbreaking end for Portugal’s greatest modern celebrity couple.

Who Are João Félix and Margarida Corceiro Dating Now Post-Split?

Who Are João Félix and Margarida Corceiro Dating Now Post-Split?

Since last summer’s gloomy breakup speculation though, Portuguese tabloids monitored both stars closely for any clues on potential new relationships. After all, recently single, ultra-successful 23-year olds tend to have endless romantic options.

João Félix: The Atletico Madrid striker generated winter 2022 headlines after being spotted visiting gorgeous Spanish model Inma Campano in her hometown of Galicia. Multiple sources claim the soccer star and social media influencer are dating, backed by additional sightings around Madrid.

However, like his past with Magui Corceiro, Félix remains hesitant to formally confirm or post anything suggesting he has a new girlfriend.

Margarida Corceiro: Similarly, various Portuguese gossip outlets alleged that Margarida returned to the arms of ex-boyfriend Tiago Teotónio – a film actor on the rise. Reports of PDA between Corceiro and Teotónio emerged related to them vacationing together in Ibiza last summer soon after her permanent split from Felix.

While some suggest she may be prepared to give Tiago another deeper shot at romance, concrete evidence proving as much remains lacking.

Clearly both João Félix and now ex-girlfriend Margarida Corceiro continue seeing bright career prospects and enjoying the perks of youth, beauty, fame and success. But when it comes to definitively confirming any new romantic prospects, they stay cautiously quiet for now.

Lingering Hopes for Jomargui Reconciliation

The lack of Facebook official proclamations on new relationships keeps hope marginally alive amongst die-hard “Jomargui” fans that this storybook soccer and entertainment business romance could still reignite.

Plenty speculate that travel schedules simply overwhelmed the duo, but mutual care and passion still persists subtly behind-the-scenes.

Others theorize the infidelity chatter surrounding Félix’s partying resurfaced as the actual breakup catalyst. However, this gossip remains unverified, and nobody close to the stars has attached their names to on-record explanations.

Both João Félix and particularly Margarida Corceiro remain highly active across Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. But neither continues telegraphing obvious messages about their previous partner.

Are social media mind games at play, or has this ultra-famous Portuguese relationship fizzled towards friendship permanently?

The enigmatic nature surrounding their split after years comfortably publicly together keeps gossip swirling. If their love genuinely burned out though, many fans argue Corceiro and Félix at least owe it directly to everyone who invested emotionally in their story over this journey.

For now, matchmakers cling to dreaming that clearer air could allow this celebrated duo to rediscover their magic connection. Perhaps there lies a world where soccer superstardom accommodates show business success – even given unyielding schedules.

João Félix + Margarida Corceiro Relationship FAQs

What Exactly Caused the Breakup Between Felix and Corceiro After 5 Years?

  • No singular cause emerged. Stress of distance, traveling, fighting rumors likely all contributed over time.

How Did João and Margarida First Meet?

  • Through mutual friends originally back around 2015 before they ever entered the limelight

What Soccer Position Does João Félix Play?

  • Striker/Attacking Midfielder for Atlético Madrid and Portuguese National Team

How Tall is Felix?

  • 5’11” – Decent height but not exceptionally tall for an elite footballer.

Did João Felix and Margarida Corceiro Confirm New Relationships?

  • No. Rumors link Felix to dating model Inma Campano & Corceiro potentially with actor Tiago Teotónio – but zero official confirmation.

Could João Félix and Margarida Corceiro Rekindle Their Romance?

  • Yes, it’s possible! Their lack of providing clear breakup reasons or confirming new partners leaves the door cracked for Jomargui reconciliation rumors.

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