Meet Ousmane Dembélé’s Wife, Rima Edbouche

French winger Ousmane Dembélé has emerged as one of FC Barcelona’s most crucial players, bewitching fans worldwide with his incredible dribbling skills and goalscoring prowess.

However, while the exceptionally gifted footballer’s exploits on the pitch frequently dominate headlines, intriguing details about his personal relationships and family have long remained shrouded in mystery.

Dembélé’s stunning marriage to long-time girlfriend Rima Edbouche has finally parted the curtains on his private life.

So, who exactly is the Moroccan fashionista who ultimately stole the cœur of France’s rising football star? Let’s find out!

Rima Edbouche’s Profile Summary

24-year-old Rima Edbouche is best known as the beautiful wife of footballer Ousmane Dembélé. Born in 1998 in Fez, Southern Morocco’s cultural heartland, her family relocated to Paris, France when she was very young.

The Italian-Moroccan beauty has made a name for herself as an influencer and model, amassing over 332k followers across Instagram and TikTok. Fans love her for her effortlessly chic fashion sense, beauty tips and a glimpse into her jet-setting lifestyle.

Who Exactly is Rima Edbouche?

Beyond being Dembélé’s better half, who really is Rima Edbouche? Here are five fascinating facts about her life and background:

1. Moroccan Roots: Edbouche was born in Fez to Moroccan parents. She moved to Paris as a child when her dad’s expanding business venture necessitated relocation.

2. College Education: She spent two years studying International Commerce at university before dropping out to pursue her passion for fashion and makeup artistry.

3. Influencer Career: Edbouche honed her social media skills in her late teens. Today, she works with Sephora, Michael Kors and other major brands as an influencer.

4. Impressive Following: 334k followers across Instagram and TikTok tune in for beauty advice, luxury hauls and her fabulous lifestyle.

5. Fashion Model: Aside from influencer marketing, Edbouche also works as model walking runways at Fashion Week and featuring in campaigns.

When Did The Footballer & Fashionista Get Married?

Dembélé and Edbouche first met in Paris as teenagers around 2014. They lived in the same neighborhood and bonded over their shared cultural heritages as children of North African immigrants growing up in France.

Their teenage friendship gradually blossomed into a secretive romance by 2016 when Dembélé was playing for Stade Rennais F.C.

The intensely private couple kept their relationship completely under wraps through Dembélé’s high-profile $15 million transfer to Borussia Dortmund in 2016 and subsequent five seasons in Germany.

After Dembélé’s record $140 million switch to Spanish giants FC Barcelona in 2017, the couple were occasionally spotted together in Barcelona yet never formally confirmed dating publicly.

It was only in 2022 that Dembélé and Edbouche went ‘Instagram official’, giving fans a peek into their relationship shortly before announcing their grand wedding plans.

They tied the knot in traditional Moroccan style on December 22, 2022 in a lavish Marrakech ceremony attended by over 250 guests comprising family, friends and a few footballing stars.

What Does Mrs. Dembélé Do Professionally?

What Does Mrs. Dembélé Do Professionally?

So apart from being Dembélé’s drop-dead gorgeous better half, what is Rima’s own success story? Well today, Edbouche leads the quintessential influencer-model lifestyle brimming with luxury travels, high fashion and glitz that she generously shares with her growing legion of followers. Let’s delve deeper:

Full-Time Influencer:

As a social media influencer, she collaborates with premium Spanish and French brands through sponsored posts. Over the years, she has clinched deals with L’Oréal, Sephora, Michael Kors, Dior, Louis Vuitton etc.

Especially after her wedding, Moroccan bridal and jewelry brands have shown keen interest for partnerships as well. Experts estimate she likely easily charges between $5,000- $10,000 per sponsored social media post thanks to her impressive following and A-list networks.

Modelling Portfolio:

Aside from social media marketing, Edbouche works as professional model walking the ramp at Paris Fashion Week for luxury designers like Louis Féraud, Rani Zakhem etc.  She has also featured in campaigns for major French brands.

Undoubtedly, her modelling career allows her to make exquisite additions to her enviable designer handbag and jewellery collections.

What is Rima Edbouche’s Estimated Net Worth?

What is Rima Edbouche's Estimated Net Worth?

Rima’s successful career as influencer and model means she enjoys a comfortable, even lavish lifestyle with Dembélé.

Since she never formally discloses finances publicly, experts can only estimate ballpark figures of her net worth based on influencer industry averages and modelling career success. Overall, most estimate Edbouche likely has a net worth around $2 million currently.

At 24, her social media growth and collaborations show no signs of slowing down either.

With lucrative brand partnership deals and ambassadorships already rolling in even from Morocco, there is still tremendous potential for Edbouche’s personal fortune and star-power to continue rising substantially in coming years.

The Inside Story of Football’s Most Secretive Relationship

Ousmane Dembélé and Rima Edbouche had known each other vaguely for a few years through friends and growing up in the same Paris suburbs. Their fairy-tale love story began in earnest around 2014 when Dembélé was playing for French club Stade Rennais F.C.

As young footballers’ personal lives frequently attract immense media curiosity and scrutiny, the fiercely private couple made the joint decision to keep their burgeoning relationship completely confidential from the outset.

Rima supported Dembélé steadfastly through challenges like his explosive transfer notoriety as he moved from Stade Rennais to Borussia Dortmund, and then FC Barcelona over 2016-2017. Yet despite massive global spotlight on the football prodigy, Rima stayed carefully veiled from public attention in those years.

Occasional sightings sparked rumors amongst sports journalists and fans. Still, their relationship remained unconfirmed even amidst Barcelona’s footballer social circles.

It was only after almost eight years together that Dembélé, signed a lifetime contract with Barcelona in 2022, felt comfortable formally announcing their engagement, followed by the grand December 2022 wedding.

For nearly a decade, the couple valued their treasured privacy above all else despite fame and intense public spotlight. Even today, they remain highly selective about letting the general public into their innermost personal world.

Still, Rima does treat loyal social media fans to occasional romantic sneak peeks into their exotic travels together.

Why Dembélé’s Wife Is Making Headlines In Global Fashion Media

While Dembélé frequently leads sports headlines worldwide for his unmatched footballing brilliance, his wife Rima has been making waves this past year with her show-stopping traditional Moroccan bridal looks that infused centuries-old North African style with contemporary European luxury fashion.

The Royal Moroccan Wedding Style:

Global fashion media went crazy over the traditional Tiznit handira embroidered kaftan Rima wore for the traditional Moroccan henna and wedding ceremonies. The dazzling silver jewelry with intricate filigree work perfectly complemented her look.

Several commentators even compared her ensemble’s regal elegance to a Moroccan princess!

The Grand French Ballgown:

For the Parisian white wedding reception, Rima slipped into a majestic Dior ballgown with sheer sleeves, countless Swarovski crystals and a flowing train designed specially through the brand’s exclusive couture atelier.

Paired with diamond jewelry, the whole look evoked timeless Hollywood glamour.

For years, Rima Edbouche was the French footballer’s mysterious girlfriend’. But her show-stopping wedding fashion has recently shone a spotlight on her extraordinary personal sense of style blending European luxury with alluring traditional Moroccan cultural richness.

Wrapping Up – Dembélé’s Private Life Is Public News Now!

In conclusion, Barcelona’s latest football superstar Ousmane Dembélé and fashionista Rima Edbouche had managed to entirely evade media spotlight on their private lives for almost 8 years despite his global fame.

However, their grand Marrakech wedding celebrations towards the end of 2022 have finally offered captivated worldwide fans and press a glimpse into the close-guarded personal world of football’s beloved cult hero and his dazzling wife!

While Dembélé focuses firmly on his game securing his legacy on the pitch as one of history’s great wingers, there is no denying Rima too has stepped effortlessly into the limelight. Mrs. Dembélé’s fabulous fashion sense and

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