Who is Jennifer Hermoso’s partner? Everything you should know

Star Spanish striker Jennifer Hermoso has been lighting up pitches for club and country for over a decade. Yet away from the spotlight, she closely guards details about her personal life.

That hasn’t stopped rampant speculation about just who the FC Barcelona Femení icon is dating.

As an openly gay player, interest around whether Hermoso has a romantic partner has followed the 31-year-old for much of her career.

Rumors have strongly linked her with Barcelona teammate Alexia Putellas, the current Ballon d’Or holder. But firm details remain scarce.

This article examines the evidence surrounding who might be Jennifer Hermoso’s elusive other half.

Who is Jennifer Hermoso dating?

Who is Jennifer Hermoso dating?

Hermoso has never publicly stated she is in a relationship. However, eagle-eyed fans and media have picked up on subtle suggestions she and Putellas are more than just friends and colleagues.

The Spanish duo have played together at Barcelona since 2012. They are known to share a notably close connection on and off the field.

In interviews, Hermoso and Putellas frequently praise one another’s influence on their careers.

We just seem to understand each other completely when we play. It’s effortless,” Hermoso said in 2019.

A photo showing Putellas kissing a smiling Hermoso that leaked online in 2010 added fire to rumors of a romance.

Some key aspects linking Alexia Putellas with Jennifer Hermoso:

  • Long-time Barcelona teammates since 2012
  • Evident chemistry and compatibility
  • Close friendship over many years
  • Leaked 2010 photo suggesting intimacy

Alexia Putellas relationship

As the captain of Barcelona and winner of the 2021 Women’s Ballon d’Or, Alexia Putellas is now a global icon in women’s football.

She and Hermoso have been club teammates for over a decade, as well as part of the Spanish national team.

Multiple first-hand accounts describe Putellas and Hermoso as extremely comfortable around each other. Their body language and interactions have regularly hinted at a possible romantic involvement.

However, as trailblazing members of the global LGBTQ+ community, going public with a gay relationship would be extremely challenging.

Women’s football remains plagued by homophobia. Top players coming out can still generate unwanted attention and criticism. This likely explains why Hermoso and Putellas keep their partnership low-key.

Nonetheless, consistent rumors linking them, subtle flirting signs, and an obvious closeness do indicate Jennifer Hermoso and Alexia Putellas are likely partners behind the scenes.

Is Christen Press Jennifer Hermoso’s girlfriend?

US soccer icon Christen Press has also faced speculation about her ties with Jennifer Hermoso. As fellow Nike-sponsored superstars, Press and Hermoso have connected during commercial events and online.

Some lighthearted banter between them in public exchanges has prompted some fans to query if it goes beyond friendship. But there is minimal evidence to substantiate this.

The consensus suggests long-time Barcelona colleague Alexia Putellas remains Jennifer Hermoso’s special someone. But Hermoso is at the peak of her career, so who knows if that could evolve.

Craving privacy as an openly gay athlete

While the football world craves clarity on her relationship status, Jennifer Hermoso has always cherished keeping her private life out of the limelight.

As an openly lesbian player, avoiding intense media intrusion into her personal affairs is arguably justified. Coming out remains a hugely challenging step for gay professional athletes, especially women.

The culture in football also still carries machismo attitudes that discriminate against the global LGBTQ+ community.

For trailblazers like Hermoso, staying focused solely on her performances for Barcelona and the Spanish national team is the priority right now.

If or when she elects to open up about her dating life publicly should be Hermoso’s personal choice. She deserves that agency and privacy without scrutiny or pressure.

Hermoso’s incredible career legacy

Hermoso's incredible career legacy

Without knowing for certain who Jennifer Hermoso goes home to after matches, what cannot be questioned is her phenomenal legacy on the pitch.

Her staggering goal tally for Barcelona and Spain cements Hermoso as one of the greatest strikers women’s football has seen. She is a serial trophy winner at club level with FC Barcelona Femení.

International glory also beckons this summer at the 2023 World Cup. Hermoso will spearhead Spanish hopes of global triumph.

While strong indications suggest long-time teammate Alexia Putellas is Jennifer Hermoso’s romantic partner, her personal life ultimately remains private.

As fans and media, we should respect Hermoso’s privacy choices without intrusion. We can simply cherish watching an all-time Spanish football icon shine so brightly at her peak.

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