Meet Chitty Asantewaa, Jude Bellingham’s rumoured girlfriend with Ghanaian roots

The football world has been abuzz recently with rumors about an alleged blossoming romance between one of the sport’s hottest young prospects Jude Bellingham and social media influencer Chitty Asantewaa. 

Asantewaa is a multiracial beauty with Ghanaian and Turkish heritage. This blog post explores who Chitty Asantewaa is and her rumoured relationship with the England footballer.

She is Multiracial with Turkish and Ghanaian Heritage

She is Multiracial with Turkish and Ghanaian Heritage

Chitty Asantewaa’s striking looks reflect her diverse ethnic background. Her father is originally from Ghana and her mother from Turkey. 22-year-old Chitty seems proud of her mixed heritage and unique appearance. 

On her Instagram account, which has over 20,000 followers, she often posts photos showing off her curly hair, radiant complexion, and voluptuous figure.

  • Chitty has light brown skin and long dark curly hair
  • Her large deep set eyes and full lips are striking features
  • She appears to have inherited gorgeous genes from both ethnic lineages
  • Asantewaa takes her Ghanaian middle name from her paternal grandmother

With a foot in two different cultures, Chitty has spoken about embracing both her African and Turkish sides equally to form her identity. She seems to enjoy learning about the histories, cuisines, and traditions of both backgrounds. 

Asantewaa also notes that having such diversity in her family makes their gatherings lively and worldly.

She is a Model and Social Media Influencer

She has amassed over 50,000 Instagram followers and been featured in various fashion magazines. Asantewaa also models for some online clothing brands that often send her products to promote.

Some other details about Chitty’s public persona:

  • She first started posting modeling photos online 5 years ago at age 17
  • Asantewaa markets beauty and apparel brands as an influencer
  • On Instagram, she presents a glamorous lifestyle with luxe outfits and travel
  • Chitty has over 15,000 TikTok followers where she posts dancing/lip-syncing videos

Asantewaa’s rising social media fame and striking looks have opened doors for her careerwise. But they have also resulted in increased attention and scrutiny in her dating life from fans and media.

She Was Rumored to Have Dated Jude Bellingham

She Was Rumored to Have Dated Jude Bellingham

In November 2022, rumors began swirling that Chitty Asantewaa was dating 19-year-old footballer Jude Bellingham. 

The basis for these dating speculations seems rather thin, centering mainly on the fact that Chitty followed Jude on Instagram. Despite a lack of evidence, several outlets reported on Jude’s “hot new girlfriend.”

  • Jude plays midfielder for Borussia Dortmund and England national team
  • He is considered one of football’s top young talents
  • Bellingham has been scouted by major teams like Real Madrid
  • At just 19, Jude’s £130,000 weekly salary makes him hugely wealthy

Of course, the rumored relationship has faced skepticism due to the three-year age gap between Bellingham and Asantewaa. Jude has been focused intensely on his skyrocketing football career since his teens, leaving little time for romance.

Nonetheless, some fans have unnecessary opinions on the 22-year-old Chitty being too old for teen sensation Jude. These discriminatory remarks are unjustified given the maturity gap likely makes no difference to the young superstar athlete.

She Addressed Dating Jude Bellingham Rumors

She Addressed Dating Jude Bellingham Rumors

Shortly after gossip spread suggesting she and Jude Bellingham were an item, Asantewaa posted a response addressing those dating rumors on her Instagram story. Her statement read:

“I never made any claim about dating Jude Bellingham. The stories going around about me and him are completely made up. While flattering to be mentioned with such a talent, we are not in a relationship and do not even know each other personally.”

Chitty asserted unambiguously that she is not dating Jude and does not know him beyond following his Instagram account. She seemed to take the rumors in stride but wanted to set the record straight and quash bogus gossip.

Some fans replied with disappointment the pair were not actually an item. Others praised Asantewaa’s grace and maturity in her reaction. Either way, the statement temporarily quieted down rumors. 

But allegations have continued as social media users read into any online interactions between them.

She Has Kept Her Personal Life Away From Spotlight

Beyond her modeling and influencing career, Chitty Asantewaa has kept most details of her personal life private. This contrasts markedly with influencers who use their love lives for views and publicity. 

For example, unlike some seeking Internet fame, Asantewaa:

  • Rarely posts photos with friends or family members
  • Has not publicly revealed having a partner, current or past
  • Prefers not to disclose her location or university attended

Asantewaa’s reticence to share private details remains true regarding her rumored relationship with Jude Bellingham:

Comments like these demonstrate Chitty prefers keeping romantic involvements out of public conversation. 

She offers limited comments, neither totally denying nor confirming anything. Asantewaa appears to value discretion and boundaries between professional persona and intimate relationships.

This choice has led some fans to further speculate about what she could be hiding. However, in reality Asantewaa likely just wants to keep that aspect of life private from the invasive glare of fans and media outlets. 

Public figures should have their right to privacy respected rather than face pressure for personal information.

Who is Jude Bellingham’s Idol?

Bellingham has publicly stated his footballing idol is Steven Gerrard, former captain of the England national team and Liverpool FC. 

The 19-year-old midfielder models aspects of his box-to-box style of play after Gerrard, one of the most complete midfielders of his generation. Gerrard’s leadership, attacking runs, and long-distance strikes inspire Jude, who has said he “idolized him as a kid”.

Liverpool happens to be Bellingham’s favorite club as well, due to their illustrious history and attacking style of football. Some experts predict the phenom may transfer to the Anfield side soon to follow in his idol’s footsteps. 

Offers from Liverpool and European giants like Real Madrid await, if Dortmund decides to sell their prized asset.

What is Bellingham’s Salary at Real Madrid?

As one of football’s most coveted rising talents, speculation runs rampant over Jude Bellingham’s future club destination. Real Madrid are said to be preparing a €100 million transfer bid to sign him from Borussia Dortmund upon turning 20. 

Should Bellingham join the Spanish giants, several sport journalists estimate the English midfielder would command wages upwards of £425,000 per week.

For comparison, his current salary at Dortmund is a relatively modest £130,000 weekly. But landing at the venerable Real Madrid would likely see Jude triple or quadruple his income. 

At just 19, Bellingham displays maturity beyond his years but such a sudden windfall for most teenagers would be overwhelmingly crazy.

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