Is Davi Lucca Really Neymar Jr.’s Son?

Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. is one of the biggest names in the sport. As the star forward for Paris-Saint Germain and the Brazilian national team, his talents on the pitch frequently land him in media spotlight. 

But in 2011, Neymar faced a new form of media attention when news broke that he had fathered a son named Davi Lucca.

The baby’s mother, Carolina Dantas, was just a friend at the time, not a serious girlfriend. Neymar was only 19 years old when she revealed her pregnancy. 

These surprising circumstances fueled speculation and doubts over whether the superstar footballer truly is the father of little Davi Lucca da Silva Santos.

Over a decade later, Neymar and his first born child remain close. But there are still lingering questions surrounding Neymar’s Son, as some fans are not fully convinced of Davi’s paternity. Here are all the essential details behind this ongoing fatherhood controversy.

Is Davi Lucca really Neymar’s son?

Doubts over Neymar’s paternity began swirling shortly after Caroline Dantas gave birth to Davi Lucca in August 2011. Numerous factors caused fans to question whether the 19-year-old footballer could really be this baby boy’s father:

  • Neymar and Carolina were close friends but never dated seriously
  • The pregnancy seemed to occur during a short period together
  • Neymar was very young when the baby was conceived
  • There were suggestions that the pregnancy reveal was tied to Neymar receiving big sponsorship deals
  • Some felt Carolina wanted to secure connection to fame and fortune

However, Neymar has always insisted he is Davi’s biological dad. Over the years, many fans have been swayed by the uncanny shared resemblance between the two:

Davi seems to share his dad’s athletic talents on the football pitch.

Several key pieces of evidence also support Neymar’s role as Davi Lucca’s father:

  • Davi goes by Neymar’s full surname of da Silva Santos
  • Neymar is very involved in his son’s upbringing
  • He has gotten 9 tattoos of his first born over the years
  • Both Neymar Sr. and Carolina vouch for Neymar’s paternity
  • Clear images exist of Neymar and Carolina together before the pregnancy announcement

So while some doubts still crop up amongst fans, most objective signs point to Neymar indeed being the biological father of Davi Lucca. Their incredibly close father and son bond silences most remaining skeptics.

Where was Davi Lucca born?

Where was Davi Lucca born?

Davi Lucca entered the world on August 24th, 2011 in São Paulo, Brazil. At the time, 19-year-old Neymar had not yet made his senior debut for the Brazil national team.

However, he was already considered a top prospect after scoring over 40 professional goals with legendary club Santos FC.

The pregnancy was conceived while Neymar still resided in Brazil before his move to European superclubs like Barcelona and Paris-Saint Germain. 

Carolina Dantas also lived in São Paulo, but their relationship was more short-lived friendship than serious romance.

The fast timing of their tryst and Paris announcement initially shocked many fans who doubted if Neymar could really have fathered a child so quickly. 

But over time, more images and stories emerged confirming Carolina and Neymar spent meaningful time together prior to the pregnancy.

Who is Davi Lucca’s mother?

Who is Davi Lucca’s mother?

Davi’s mother, Carolina Dantas has been a friend of Neymar’s circle for years. Although she is 10 years older than Neymar, she runs in similar social circles thanks to Brazilian celebrities all knowing one another.

Carolina gained significant media attention when her pregnancy with Davi went public in 2011:

Initially she did not reveal the identity of the father. But soon it emerged that Neymar was the other half of this equation.

Over the years, Carolina has offered no indications that she doubts Neymar’s paternity despite rampant fan speculation. She seems fully supportive of Neymar’s role as Davi’s dad. They now effectively co-parent together from different homes in Brazil.

So while their romantic relationship was short, Carolina still plays a critical part in Davi Lucca’s life over a decade later thanks to their shared custody.

Does Davi Lucca play football?

Little Davi Lucca appears to have clearly inherited some of his father’s incredible football skills. Images frequently emerge of him confidently kicking balls, passing with precision, and practicing tricks:

The older he gets, the more Davi resembles a miniature version of Neymar out on the field. It is still early to determine if Davi Lucca has the talent to follow fully in his superstar dad’s professional football boots. 

But the passion and skills are clearly already taking form.

Neymar also seems invested in personally mentoring his son’s game. During the 2021 holiday season, images surfaced showing Neymar and Davi Lucca training together at Paris Saint-Germain’s facilities in France:

So the early signs suggest Neymar’s firstborn has a promising football future ahead. With guidance from Brazil’s current star, he may even pursue the beautiful game at an elite level like his father someday.

 Fans eagerly await to see Davi on Brazil’s World Cup stage eventually as well!

Does Davi have siblings?

Davi Lucca has spent his first decade growing up as an only child. His father Neymar has had several high-profile relationships over the years with beautiful models, actresses, and influencers. 

But despite constant tabloid rumors of engaged and expecting, Neymar did not have any other confirmed children in Davi’s early life.

In 2022 though, reports emerged revealing Neymar is now expecting another baby with model Jocelyn Burgardt. So there may soon be a new brother or sister entering the picture for 10-year old Davi! It remains to be seen how involved Neymar will be with this newest edition to his family in the way he parents Davi Lucca.

Beyond potential new half siblings, Davi does have a famously close relationship with his grandparents Neymar Sr and Nadine Santos. He is also very close to Rafaela Beckran, who has been in a long term relationship with Neymar’s father for years now. 

So while Davi’s inner family circle has been small so far, it may be growing larger soon with Neymar’s latest baby news!

Who is Neymar’s Son, Davi Lucca da Silva Santos?

Who is Neymar's Son, Davi Lucca da Silva Santos?

While many doubts still linger over the exact nature of Neymar and Davi’s biological connection, their emotional bond as father and son remains ironclad. 

Over a decade later, they continue showing an incredible amount of love and affection for one another.

Now age 11, Davi Lucca splits time living in Brazil with his mother and visiting his superstar dad in wherever Neymar is playing club football

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Davi Lucca’s Custody Arrangements

While Neymar and Davi Lucca share an incredibly close bond, the logistics of their father-son relationship are complicated by distance and custody agreements.

For much of the year, 11-year old Davi resides full-time in Brazil with his mother Carolina Dantas. But he makes frequent trips to visit his football superstar father depending on Neymar’s club schedule. 

This requires transatlantic flights bouncing between Brazil, Spain, France and wherever else Neymar’s career may take him.

When Neymar played for Spanish giants FC Barcelona from 2013 to 2017, Davi Lucca visited him often in Spain along with Neymar’s own parents. Images frequently appeared showing happy snaps of the foursome enjoying their close-knit connection:

Now playing in France’s Ligue 1 since 2017, Neymar continues receiving regular visitors from his Brazilian-based family. While juggling an athlete’s hectic lifestyle, he still ensures always finding time for his beloved Davi Lucca:

With a new baby now on the way though, some fans wonder if Davi Lucca may grow jealous over having to share his father’s affection. 

Only time will tell whether Neymar’s custody arrangement evolves to involve more consistent time living together rather than sporadic visits across continents and scheduled days dictated per agreements.


While a slight shroud of mystery still lingers over the specifics conceiving baby Davi, plenty of evidence backs football icon Neymar’s role as devoted dad for over a decade now. As the young boy rapidly grows into a footballer himself, their uncannily similar looks and talents silence most remaining paternity doubts.

No matter what the biological connections entail, this father and son share a remarkably close bond sure to inspire joy and success as Davi continues developing. Withguidance from Brazil’s biggest star, mini Neymar Jr may just lead a new generation of talent someday as well!

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