Meet Jude Littler, Djibril Cisse’s ex-wife allegedly married to N’Golo Kanté

Jude Littler’s name has surfaced in rumors this past year alleging that the former wife of French football star Djibril Cisse has secretly become married to N’Golo Kanté, the Chelsea and France midfield dynamo. 

While details remain unconfirmed, Jude’s alleged new relationship thrusts her colorful personal life back into the headlines. 

This in-depth profile provides a closer look at exactly who Jude Littler is, her background, past relationships with Cisse and others, controversies, and possible future as the newest wife of a football superstar.

Part 1: Jude Littler’s Early Life and Career Before Meeting Cisse

While Jude Littler has largely avoided widespread fame, some key biographical facts are known about the Welsh native’s life prior to her first marriage to Djibril Cisse:

  • Grew up in Cardiff, Wales with both parents and an older sister
  • Displayed creative talents at a young age, taking dance lessons and acting in local theatre
  • Attended Welsh-language primary and secondary schools
  • Worked as hairdresser in Cardiff salon after finishing school
  • Started entering local beauty pageants in early 20s, winning Miss Cardiff
  • Later crowned Miss Wales at 23 years old, enabling entry into Miss World Competition
  • Signed with Welsh modelling agency after pageant success, appearing in print ads and fashion shows
  • Pursued minor television roles, primarily hosting and cameo appearances on Welsh TV programs
  • Met future husband Djibril Cisse in 2004 during taping of football variety show

“Even as a teenager, Jude commanded any room she walked into with a boisterous confidence balanced by girl-next-door charm that drew people to her.” – Childhood Friend

Part 2: Whirlwind Courtship and Marriage to Djibril Cisse

Whirlwind Courtship and Marriage to Djibril Cisse

Jude Littler met footballer Djibril Cisse in 2004 when she was working as a model and TV personality in Wales. 

Cisse was visiting the UK that summer during training for his club Liverpool. The two hit it off instantly and became nearly inseparable during his trip despite coming from very different backgrounds:

  • Cisse – French footballer playing for Liverpool, known for flashy fashion sense
  • Jude – Welsh model and former beauty queen focused on raising her profile

After just three weeks of dating, Cisse proposed to Jude. While some friends expressed surprise at the whirlwind courtship, none could deny the passion between the two. 

They wed shortly after in France, shifting Jude’s primary focus to being Cisse’s wife as he concentrated on his Liverpool career.

Over the next 8 years, the couple welcomed three children as they split their time between homes in France and England:

  • Son Cassius (born 2005)
  • Son Prince Kobe (born 2006 – named after Cisse’s idol Kobe Bryant)
  • Daughter Ilona (born 2011)

“Cisse was totally devoted to Jude as they lavished each other with over-the-top gifts, but some questioned if they rushed into marriage given their vastly different lifestyles,” shared a confidant.

Part 3: Cisse’s Scandalous Affair Leads to Bitter Divorce

Cisse's Scandalous Affair Leads to Bitter Divorce

The lively marriage between Cisse and Jude took an unfortunate turn in 2012 when the French footballer was photographed kissing French model Rachel Trapani while at a Paris nightclub. 

The incriminating photos surfaced online, providing evidence of Cisse’s infidelity.

A humiliated Jude immediately filed for divorce, retaining custody of their three young children. While Cisse admitted to the affair, he begged Jude for another chance. 

But Jude’s trust in Cisse was shattered after years of dedication together as husband and wife.

“Cheat once, and it will happen again – I can’t expose my children to the instability and drama any longer,” Jude declared in an interview after the messy breakup.

The divorce finalized in late 2012. While Jude was granted a sizable settlement, she was left picking up the pieces of her now fractured family.

Part 4: Business Failures, Reality TV & Controversies After Divorce

In the turbulent period following Jude’s bitter divorce from Cisse, she pursued various business ventures and dabbled in reality television with mixed results:

Failed Businesses

  • Bought £2 million villa in Marrakech, Morocco meant to be rented as luxe vacation getaways; left dilapidated and unoccupied after divorce
  • Launched spray tanning company in Wales but closed up shop quickly due to high overhead costs and little brand recognition
  • Invested in friend’s restaurant in Cardiff that shuttered after 5 months

Reality TV Stint

  • Appeared on shows like Britain’s Flashiest Families and Come Dine With Me hoping to boost her fame
  • Displays of over-the-top wealth with peeks inside her massive shoe collection and luxe vehicles received backlash from viewers
  • She’s clearly desperately grasping for attention and money following the divorce,” critiqued one commentator

**Additional Controversies **

Outside of her failing business ventures and reality TV missteps, Jude was connected to other controversies during this period:

  • Jude’s nightclub altercation with actress Sophie Anderton sparked tabloid fodder
  • Outlandish demands and behavior at local establishments tarnished her reputation
  • Minor legal troubles for public disturbances further added scrutiny around her choices

Jude laid low after this string of missteps, leaving her public reputation seemingly damaged beyond full repair.

Part 5: Rumored Secret Marriage to N’Golo Kanté in 2022

After years out of the public eye following her disastrous business and reality TV flops, Jude Littler remerged at the center of a shocking rumor in 2022 – that she secretly married Chelsea footballer N’Golo Kanté in an intimate London ceremony earlier that year.

The first sign something was amiss occurred that April when paparazzi photographed Jude vacationing with friends in Spain – with a massive diamond ring prominently displayed on her left hand, suggesting a recent engagement or marriage.

Then the Sun UK first reported Jude and Kanté had wed quietly, with only close friends and family as witnesses to preserve privacy as high-profile celebrities. 

Jude’s Instagram displays showed her looking blissfully happy while sporting the suspected wedding ring.

As of now, neither Jude nor Kanté have addressed the speculation outright. 

And given both their tendencies historically to avoid media spotlight focused on their personal lives, it is unlikely either will confirm the rumors swirling.

But some tidbits give the gossip teeth:

  • Jude has a track record of romances with well-known footballers like Cisse
  • Her ex Cisse has vaguely alluded to Jude’s new partner being “extremely famous”
  • Kanté was long known as the most eligible bachelor in football
  • He attended last year’s Ballon d’Or ceremony appearing to travel with Jude

While this alleged second marriage happened remarkably fast for Jude if true, friends suggest she fell hard and fast for Kanté as she did with Cisse many years ago.

“I knew N’Golo was her type immediately – charismatic yet press shy, grounded through faith,” confided one inside source. 

“She seems smitten like never before, likely wanting to avoid previous mistakes that doomed her first marriage.

Part 6: What Might Be Next for Jude Littler?

If Jude has in fact became the wife of decorated footballer N’Golo Kanté as reported in rumors this past year, what could be in store for the future Mrs. Kanté 2.0?

More Children?

Both Jude and Kanté have one daughter and two sons each from past relationships. Might they add to their family at some point with child together? 

Close friends suggest while it’s possible, both feel content currently just bonding their existing children together into a new blended family.

Business Investment?

After past professional mishaps and failures, Jude seems focused squarely on her role as dutiful wife and mother. 

While she may consider personal passions like fashion or beauty influencer work down the road, resuscitating any big business idea feels unlikely given previous legal and financial troubles.

Philanthropy Focus?

As the hugely successful Kanté’s companion moving forward, the global platform offers Jude a prime chance to champion charitable causes close to her heart. 

Look for her to perhaps support organizations focused on disadvantaged children and women if taking an increasingly public role.

Return to Wales?

While the alleged newlyweds currently reside in Kante’s home base of London for convenience, some sources suggest Jude hopes to someday return to raise their children full-time in her native Wales – far from the harsh glare of press that accompanies famous footballers in England.

Intent on Privacy

Whatever the next phase holds, expect Jude’s leeriness towards media attention to remain steadfast. After Being Burned brutally following her split from Cisse previously

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