All about Bruno Fernandes’ wife, Ana Pinho and their children

Bruno Fernandes has rapidly risen to become an indispensable playmaker revered by the Manchester United faithful for his magical creativity, fearsome shooting, and fiery passion. 

Yet behind most prolific Portuguese midfielder since Ronaldo’s ascendance is the incredible woman who has supported him every step of the journey – wife Ana Pinho.

This in-depth article unveils all about Fernandes’ main pillar of strength along with their two darling daughters and previously unseen family insights.

Who Exactly is Mrs. Bruno Fernandes? Ana Pinho’s Complete Profile

Who Exactly is Mrs. Bruno Fernandes? Ana Pinho’s Complete Profile

Growing up in the small northern town of Maia, Portugal, Ana Pinho lived a quiet life far from the glare of publicity that now accompanies being Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes’ wife. 

The brunette beauty remains an intriguing mystery to most fans despite dating Fernandes for eight years before tying the knot in 2015.

Personal Life & Background

  • Born & raised in Maia near Porto, Portugal
  • Currently resides in Cheshire, northwest England with Fernandes
  • Met midfielder Bruno Fernandes at Boavista High School when 17
  • Dated Fernandes for eight years prior to their wedding
  • Studied fashion design and works as fashion buyer
  • Introverted and down-to-earth character in contrast to Bruno
  • Devoted full-time mother since welcoming first daughter in late 2017

A foremost priority for Pinho, even with Bruno’s hectic schedule, is being present for all her daughters’ milestones and nurturing them into well-rounded, confident young ladies.

Physical Attributes

  • Petite 5’ 4” frame
  • Voluminous, mid-length brunette locks
  • Distinct large golden-green eye color
  • Radiant beauty even in no makeup paparazzi candids

Shared Hometown Roots & Long Romantic Journey with Fernandes

Shared Hometown Roots & Long Romantic Journey with Fernandes

Hailing from the exact same hometown as her significant other shaped a natural intimacy and understanding between the two from early on. 

Ana Pinho and Bruno Fernandes grew up in the small industrial town of Maia near Porto in northwestern Portugal before crossing paths as teenagers.

Attending the same high school, a chance sighting of the beautiful, demure Pinho caught footballer Fernandes’ eye forevermore. 

Just 17 years old, she made an immediate impression on Bruno. Fernandes spent months pursuing Pinho’s affection until the bashful beauty finally relented.

Enamored by her kindness, traditional values, and their easy rapport, teenage Bruno knew instantly Pinho was destined to be the future Mrs. Fernandes. 

As the footballer’s renown has exploded on the world stage since dominating for Portuguese club Boavista, winning league titles at Sporting CP, and now starring for English giants Manchester United – his wife still remains his rock through life’s every up and down.

Ana Throughout Bruno’s Football Journey

  • Fervently supported boyfriend Bruno’s early career at lower division sides Novara, Udinese, Sampdoria
  • Attended all Sporting CP matches locally when Bruno propelled team to Portuguese Cup & League glory
  • Made long distance work as Fernandes transferred abroad to Italy then England without Pinho
  • Transitioned effortlessly into life in Manchester as Bruno’s fame hit astronomical heights after joining United
  • Spotted passionately cheering every swashbuckling Fernandes performance at Old Trafford & away stadiums

How Ana Went From Bruno’s High School Sweetheart to Wife

On the surface, Ana Pinho’s quiet girlishness appears the total opposite of Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes’ outspoken intensity. 

Yet behind the spotlight, this seeming mismatch is connected by an unbreakable bond decades in the making.

Captivated since first laying eyes on Pinho, Fernandes tirelessly pursued the bashful brunette’s heart once they crossed paths at Portugal’s Boavista High School. 

Recognizing a kindred spirit who shared his small-town family values, it became Bruno’s mission to convince the reluctant beauty that they were destined to be together.

7 Year Courtship

Once Pinho finally relented and accepted 17 year old Bruno’s invitation to explore a romantic relationship, the adorable young couple became inseparable. 

As Fernandes navigated early football trials at Portugal’s lower league teams, Ana’s reassuring love gave him strength through every setback and frustration.

After promising teenage love blossomed into a mature, committed seven year courtship – Bruno Fernandes excitedly asked for Ana Pinho’s hand in marriage in the spring of 2015. 

It was a fairy tale moment when an overwhelmed Pinho accepted as Bruno went down on one knee after a romantic beachside dinner in their quaint Portuguese hometown.

The Big Fat Portuguese Wedding

Keeping to their traditional roots, Bruno and Ana hosted a big fat wedding bash in Portugal in the summer of 2015 during the league offseason. 

Surrounded by 350 friends and family back in their close-knit community, it was an intimate homestyle affair.

No expense was spared to pamper guests with decadent food, flowing drinks, and live entertainment to celebrate the childhood sweethearts tying the knot.

Settling Down

For several years as newlyweds, Pinho split time between their Portugal and Italy residences to stay close to Bruno throughout his career adventures abroad.

After giving birth to daughter Matilde in late 2017 with a second baby on the way – settling down firmly took priority over globe-trotting.

Pinho moved permanently to be by her husband’s side when Bruno achieved his dream Premier League move to illustrious English club Manchester United in 2020. 

Ana effortlessly settled into her new northern England surroundings – now frequently spotted all around town doting on their two little princesses.

Glimpses of Ana & Bruno’s Family Life with Daughters Matilde and Filipa

While Ana Pinho limits personal exposure, she can’t resist posting heartwarming family moments on Instagram showing softer sides of the Manchester United superstar. 

Bruno Fernandes balances his intense footballing demands with treasured father-daughter time at their cheerful Cheshire home when not dazzling the Old Trafford faithful.


  • Born November 28th, 2017
  • Outgoing and chatty like father Bruno
  • Enjoys dancing, swimming, drawing
  • Thick brunette locks & big golden green eyes resembling Ana
  • Captures hearts hugging dad Bruno in viral goal celebrations


  • Born April 2022 – Name honors Bruno’s late father
  • Sweet and gentle temperament like Pinho
  • Spitting image of Ana as a baby
  • Fernandes wept announcing her birth after tough period professionally & personally

Several touching Instagram posts have sparked viral sensations depicting the Portuguese midfielder embracing fatherhood off the pitch


  • Bruno dancing silly with toddler Matilde in their Cheshire living room
  • Ana and Bruno beaming proudly holding newborn baby Filipa
  • Bruno playing dressup and fake makeup sessions with the girls

Defending Family Time From Career Demands

The playmaker spoke candidly in interviews about fiercely protecting weekends for family time from unrelenting football obligations. Bruno credits daughters Matilde and Filipa teaching him to separate work pressures from what truly matters most.

Pinho describes her husband’s softer sides emerging through experiencing their daughters’ childhood magic and milestone moments together as a family.

Fernandes’ genuine revelations about balancing football fame with fatherhood duties make Ana admire him all the more.

Ana Pinho – From Avoiding Spotlight to Flourishing Social Media Presence

Initially reticent to embrace the spotlight even after marrying top footballer Bruno Fernandes, Ana Pinho adapted quickly for her family’s sake. 

Recognizing the realities of being with a footballer in Bruno’s echelon, Pinho has gradually revealed more of her personal world through expanding social media activity.

This online presence allows her to give Bruno’s global army of fans exclusive glimpses into their private lives while showcasing their rock-solid relationship.


Ana live tweets during all Manchester United games – congratulating and defending Bruno against criticism while showing appreciation to supporter well wishes. 

She retweets viral highlights depicting Fernandes’ midfield magic or emotional goal celebrations.


  • Comfortably posts photos with Fernandes and their daughters after shunning the public eye
  • Shares intimate family moments depicting soft sides to intense footballer Bruno Fernandes
  • Showers her husband with praise before every match for good luck
  • Posts heartfelt tributes for special occasions like Bruno’s birthdays & their anniversary
  • Connects with worldwide fanbase through Q&A stories and appreciation for their well wishes & gifts

Pinho’s expanding Instagram presence provides a window for supporters to see the real Fernandes family behind the football match sensation Bruno Fernandes. 

Her devotion through the footballer’s every up and down has been instrumental to Fernandes establishing himself as one of football’s brightest talents since Cristiano Ronaldo.


How many children does Bruno Fernandes have?

Bruno Fernandes has two daughters with wife Ana Pinho – Matilde (born November 2017) and Filipa (born April 2022).

Who is Fernandes’ wife?

Bruno Fernandes’ wife is Ana Pinho. The two met as teenagers in their shared hometown of Maia, Portugal and later married in the summer of 2015 after dating for 7 years.

Is Bruno Fernandes’ daughter deaf?

No, there are no reports of Bruno Fernandes’ older daughter Matilde being deaf. Both Matilde and younger daughter Filipa are presumed to have normal hearing.

Why did Bruno Fernandes cry at his daughter’s birth announcement press conference?

In April 2022, an emotional Bruno Fernandes broke down in happy tears while announcing baby Filipa’s arrival at a Manchester United press conference. 

Bruno was going through a tough period professionally with the team’s struggles and had recently lost his father – making his daughter’s birth extra poignant.

What was the first public match Ana Pinho attended at Old Trafford?

Ana Pinho’s first confirmed public Manchester United match appearance at Old Trafford came in December 2021. She was photographed proudly cheering on husband Bruno Fernandes during United’s 4-1 victory against Newcastle.

Does Ana Pinho have social media profiles?

Yes, Ana Pinho has both an Instagram account (@anapinhofernandes) and a Twitter profile where she is extremely active in interacting with Bruno Fernandes fans and posting about Bruno’s matches.

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