Is Maria Julia Mazalli Vinicius Junior’s Wife?

Vinicius Junior has been setting the football world alight with his skills on the pitch, but rumors have been swirling about his relationship status off of it. Is Maria Julia Mazalli really married to the Brazilian footballer?

Brief Background on Vinicius Junior

  • 22-year old rising football star
  • Plays for Real Madrid and Brazilian national team
  • Known for incredible dribbling skills and speed
  • Became a household name after standout performance in Champions League
  • Vinicius keeps his personal life fairly private amidst exploding fame

Who is Maria Julia Mazalli?

Who is Maria Julia Mazalli?

Maria Julia Mazalli is a Brazilian model, social media influencer, and former reality TV star known for appearing on the Sao Paulo edition of reality show Sunset. With over 800k Instagram followers, she frequently shares glimpses into her glitzy life and interactions with football stars.

This has led to widespread speculation about the nature of her relationship with Vinicius Junior.

When Did the Vinicius Junior and Maria Julia Mazalli Marriage Speculation Start?

In June 2022, Maria Julia posted a photo wearing an engagement ring on Instagram with a caption about “infinite love.”

  • The post racked up over 300k likes fueling rumors that she was engaged to Vinicius. Several Brazilian outlets even reported that the two held a private marriage ceremony.
  • However, Vinicius did not engage with or comment on the post in any way. Maria Julia later deleted it, but the marriage speculation persists.

Several other instances have created confusion:

  • Maria Julia referring to Vinicius affectionately as “husband” in comments
  • Flirty interactions between the two on Instagram posts
  • Maria Julia spotted supporting Vinicius at Real Madrid games

But is Maria Julia Mazalli actually married to footballer Vinicius Junior when examining the evidence?

Who is Vinicius Jr. dating?

While Vinicius likes to keep his dating life private, recent reporting has confirmed he is in a long-term relationship with Brazilian model Sandy Barbosa.

  • Have reportedly been together since 2021
  • Spotted vacationing together on multiple occasions
  • Attends his games but stays out of spotlight

Unlike Maria Julia’s social media savvy life, Sandy shies away from public attention making it easier for Vinicius to maintain privacy amidst his exploding fame.

So while fans continue shipping an imaginary marriage with Maria Julia Mazalli, the reality is Vinicius has been quietly dating Sandy Barbosa out of the limelight.

What does Maria Mazalli do?

Maria Julia Mazalli first entered the spotlight as a star on the Brazilian reality show Sunset. She skyrocketed in popularity through her appearance on the show and amassed over 800k Instagram followers.

She now works full-time as a social media influencer and model – regularly promoting products and brands to her legions of fans.

Her glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle and connections to high-profile football stars like Neymar Jr. and Vinicius Junior have established her status as a minor celebrity in Brazil.

However, Maria also attracts attention for her vague relationship statuses and penchant for stirring up drama – like the imaginary marriage with Vinicius.

When did Vinicius Jr. and Maria Julia Mazalli start dating?


Vinicius Junior and Maria Julia Mazalli have never publicly confirmed they are dating. The rampant relationship speculation appears completely fabricated by fans and media outlets.

In reality, Vinicius himself denied dating rumors in 2022 saying he is fully focused on his blossoming football career.

Yes, Vinicius and Maria Julia clearly have an affectionate friendship and likely some romantic history. But based on official reporting, they are not in an exclusive or confirmed relationship.

The marriage speculation stems purely from imaginative fans seeing their flirty social media interactions and wishing for a relationship rather than any factual basis.

Is Maria Julia Mazalli Vinicius Junior’s wife?

No, Maria Julia Mazalli and Vinicius Junior are not married despite rampant rumors and speculation.

Several credible sources have confirmed that the two are just close friends, not in a formal relationship.

Proof They Are Not Married

  • In 2022 interview, Vinicius denied dating rumors saying he is fully focused on his career
  • Real Madrid press statements asserting Vinicius is single
  • Lack of couple sightings or joint statements confirming marriage
  • No verified legal documents/statements supporting marriage claims

Yes, Vinicius and Maria Julia clearly have an affectionate friendship and likely some romantic history. But based on official reporting, they are not in an exclusive or marital relationship.

The obsession over their imaginary marriage demonstrates the disconnect between tabloid gossip and reality.

Mazalli’s relationship history

While Maria Julia Mazalli prefers keeping the specifics of her dating life private, she has been connected to several high-profile men over the years besides Vinicius Junior:


  • Neymar Jr.
  • Gabriel Barbosa
  • Roberto Firmino

Reality TV Stars:

  • Felipe Franco (Sunset co-star)
  • Fabricio Novaes

She has vaguely spoken about heartbreaks and troubles with dishonest men in the past.

But Maria Julia generally refuses to give clear answers on her current relationship status, allowing fans to continue speculating on potential suitors.

The lack of concrete details on her personal relationships has fueled the imaginary narrative around her and Vinicius.

What is the age difference between Vinicius Junior and Maria Julia?

Vinicius Junior is currently 22 years old as of 2023. He was born on July 12, 2000.

Comparatively, Maria Julia Mazalli is 31 years old as of 2023. She was born on March 22, 1991.

This makes Maria Julia 9 years older than Vinicius.

While some fans initially cited their age gap as another reason why a serious relationship was improbable, age is clearly no barrier to imaginary scenarios.

And in the celebrity world, large age gaps between couples are not uncommon.

But when examining the facts, the age difference between Maria Julia and Vinicius is a moot point. Their fabricated relationship lives only in the minds of fans and click-hungry tabloids.


Are Maria Julia Mazalli and Vinicius Junior legally married?

No. Despite persistent rumors and social media speculation, there is no factual evidence that Mazalli and Vinicius Junior have ever been legally married or engaged. Credible news reports have confirmed they are close friends and nothing more.

When did the rumors about Maria Julia and Vinicius get started?

The false speculation about Maria Julia and Junior being a married couple gained momentum in mid 2022. This was sparked largely by vague Instagram posts from Mazalli that fans misinterpreted as confirmation of an engagement and secret marriage.

Why do fans want Maria Julia and Vinicius to be married?

Fans often desperately wish for their favorite celebrities to be in relationships. The obsession over “shipping” potential pairings stems from living vicariously through famous figures’ love lives. Specifically for Vinicius, fans likely want to see the football phenom happy off-pitch amidst his soaring success.

Are Vinicius Junior and Maria Julia still friends?

Yes, despite clarifications debunking the marriage claims, Vinicius and Maria Julia remain friends and friendly on social media. It appears they likely had some past fling, but maintain an affectionate friendship that over-eager fans have blown out of proportion.

Who is Vinicius Junior really dating as of 2023?

As of 2023, credible reports confirm that Vinicius Junior is dating fellow Brazilian model Sandy Barbosa. The two have kept their relationship extremely low-profile to avoid intense media scrutiny that Vinicius faces.

How much does Vini Jr make a year?

According to reports, Vinicius Junior’s current salary with Real Madrid is roughly €12 million per year. With all compensation and endorsements accounted for, his estimated total annual earnings as of 2023 are close to €15 million. And given his world-class performance and rising stardom, these earnings figures are likely to keep soaring in the coming years.

Who is Vinicius Jr father?

Vinicius Junior’s father is Carlos Miguel Salles Freitas. While less is known about Vinicius’ father than his prominent footballer turned agent mother, reports indicate his father and mother split up when Vinicius was quite young. But his father Salles remains part of his life and Vinicius has posted social media tributes to him on Father’s Day.

How old is Vinicius?

Vinicius Junior is currently 22 years old as of 2023. He was born on July 12, 2000 in Sao Goncalo, Brazil. He burst onto the football scene at a very young age with his precocious talent, first catching media attention playing for Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro before making his way to Europe with Real Madrid.


In summary, while intrigue and speculation around imaginary relationships may temporarily gain traction in celebrity-obsessed culture, the facts tell the real story.

No, Maria Julia Mazalli and footballer superstar Vinicius Junior were never married – despite what click-hungry tabloid headlines and wishful fans might claim. Through careful examination of credible sources, the truth prevails over fictional social media narratives.

So for those desperately seeking some secret fairytale football marriage, the search continues. But Vinicius Junior and Sandy Barbosa seem content avoiding the spotlight and letting his genius on the pitch speak for itself.

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