How Much is Weston McKennie’s Salary per Week?

Weston McKennie has cemented himself as a star midfielder at Italian giants Juventus. After initially joining the club on loan in 2020, his standout performances led Juve to make his move permanent. Now following another impressive season, McKennie just inked a lucrative new long-term contract in 2023.

McKennie’s Rise at Juventus

  • Joined initially on 1-year loan from FC Schalke
  • Appeared in 34 matches during 2020-21 season
  • Registered 5 goals and 2 assists his first season
  • Helped capture Coppa Italia title in 2021

His speed, athleticism and versatility in the midfield shined brightly as he adjusted seamlessly to the Serie A.

Given his immediate impact and world-class potential, Juventus activated the option to sign him permanently in 2021 on a 5-year deal.

Contract Breakdown with Juventus

After another strong season in 2021-22, Juventus rewarded Weston McKennie with a renewed, significantly upgraded 5-year contract through 2027.

  • Total Value: Reportedly worth €35 million in guaranteed money
  • Yearly Salary: Earning around €5 million annually before bonuses
  • Weekly Salary: Approximately €95,000 per week
  • Bonuses: Additional performance-based bonuses could add several million per year
  • Buyout Clause: €60 million release clause inserted into deal

This makes the 24-year-old one of Juventus’ highest earners and truly amongst global elite midfield compensation.

McKennie’s Career Earnings

McKennie’s Career Earnings

According to reported figures, here are the key career earnings totals so far in McKennie’s young but lucrative football career:

  • FC Schalke Contracts: Earned $3+ million over 4 seasons
  • Juventus Loan Season: Paid $4.5 million for initial loan spell
  • Juventus Transfer Fee: €20 million ($22 million) deal to sign permanently
  • Current Juventus Contract: Now earning €5+ million yearly through 2027

His total career club salary earnings are estimated around $30 million so far at age 24. And with his rising stardom, Weston is poised to accumulate far higher sums in the years ahead.

When accounting for all personal endorsements and sponsorships, his net worth is estimated between $15-20 million already.

Weston McKennie’s Transfer History

While now thriving at Juventus, McKennie took an unconventional route towards Europe’s elite stages. Here are the key transfers in his path:

  • FC Dallas Academy – Developed in the Dallas, Texas youth system through age 18
  • FC Schalke – Signed by German side FC Schalke 04 in 2016, €1.5 million paid to Dallas
  • Schalke First Team – Promoted to Schalke senior side in 2017, appearing 91 times over 4 seasons
  • Juventus Loan – Loaned to Juventus in August 2020 for single season with €4.5 million fee
  • Permanent Juventus Transfer – Full €20M+ transfer from Schalke to Juventus in 2021

His rapid ascent in just a few short years reflects his prodigious talent identified early by scouts. And McKennie’s development continues rapidly ascending at Juve.

What is Weston McKennie’s Net Worth?

What is Weston McKennie’s Net Worth?

Combining Weston McKennie’s current salary along with endorsement earnings, his net worth is estimated at roughly $15 million as of 2023.

With his lucrative new contract keeping him at Juventus through 2027 now earning over $100,000 per week, McKennie’s net worth should rise quickly in coming years.

Once he achieves global superstardom and lands larger endorsement deals with brands like Nike, his net worth and annual salary could reach upwards of $50 million.

At just 24 years old with world-class ability already proven, McKennie’s earning power seems limitless as his celebrity continues growing both on the field and as a USMNT phenom.

For now, he seems happy racking up trophies and eye-popping goals with Juventus. But tormenting Serie A backlines may just be the start of this American star’s success story.

Outlook for Continued Growth

Reaching the heights of the football world at a very young age, Weston McKennie now looks poised to cement himself as an American icon abroad.

After inking a deal making him over $100,000 per week as one of Serie A’s highest paid players, more lucrative paydays likely await on the horizon.

If his ascent continues towards the sport’s elite levels, both his weekly salary and role as a global celebrity figure stand to rapidly elevate to rarefied air.

Expect his rise to superstardom to only accelerate from here.


How much does Weston McKennie get paid?

As per his latest contract signed in 2023, Weston McKennie earns around €5 million annually at Juventus. 

How much did Weston McKennie cost Juventus?

Juve signed McKennie permanently in 2021 from Schalke for a transfer fee of €20 million, rising to €25 million with add-ons. 

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