6 Revelatory Facts About Achraf Hakimi’s Children, Family, Wife, and Wealth

Achraf Hakimi has quickly risen up the ranks as one of football’s most dynamic young right-backs. After lead-taking free kicks and blazing down the flanks for top European clubs like Inter Milan and PSG, he now stars for Morocco’s national team on the global stage.

Yet behind the electrifying footballer lives a relatively unknown personal life off-pitch. There exist whispers of family secrets tied to Hakimi’s background, wife relationship, young children, and financial wealth.

Let’s take a deeper dive into six enlightening off-field facts about this world football phenom:

Achraf Hakimi Was Born in Spain But Is of African Descent

Achraf Hakimi Was Born in Spain But Is of African Descent

As a current Paris Saint-Germain defender and Moroccan national team star, many assume Achraf Hakimi was born and raised in Africa. But surprisingly, his origins trace back to Madrid, Spain.

Hakimi entered the world on November 4, 1998 at a hospital in the Spanish capital. However, his parents had recently immigrated to the country through their North African roots. Father Naim Hakimi Aboukhris and mother Fatima come from a Tunisian background.

The middle-class couple had lived in Casablanca, Morocco during the early 1990s prior to relocating abroad for work opportunities when starting a family. Once settled in the bustling Madrid suburbs, they had three boys in Achraf plus two younger brothers named Nadee and Jilali.

Despite being born in Europe, the boys grew up speaking Arabic at home while enjoying traditional Tunisian-Moroccan dishes for dinner cooked by their loving mother. It instilled both cultural appreciation and discipline in the siblings per their family’s Islamic faith.

While his younger brothers chose more academic life paths into adulthood, athletic oldest child Achraf discovered soccer at a young age. His raw talent and immigrant work ethic eventually paved an unlikely road towards mega-stardom kicking footballs across elite European leagues.

In 2022 during Morocco’s impressive World Cup run to the semi-finals, the television cameras often panned to his devoted family members shouting encouragement from stadium stands draped in national team colors.

Despite growing up across the sea in Spain, now 24-year old Hakimi never forgot his family’s North African roots – and uses his elevated platform among Europe’s football elite to proudly represent the Arab world.

Achraf Hakimi’s Wife is a Spanish Actress

Achraf Hakimi’s Wife is a Spanish Actress

Amazingly, current wife Hiba Abouk shares similar migrant roots to her football star spouse based on being born abroad to African immigrant parents. In 1986, Hiba entered the world through Libya’s capital Tripoli. But she spent nearly all her years being raised across Europe.

Her family had relocated to Madrid, Spain when Hiba was just 4 years old. As a pretty young girl with sharp wit, she became drawn to the performing arts by early adolescence. Abouk began taking local theatre classes as a teen then started landing small acting gigs on Spanish television.

As she entered young adulthood still living in Madrid, Hiba’s actress profile across various Spanish-language shows started accelerating dramatically. By age 25 in 2011, Abouk earned mainstream fame playing “Fatima” on popular Telecinco series El Principe (The Prince).

The buzzy role thrust her into the spotlight as a major celebrity within Spanish pop culture. The newfound star splashed across tabloid headlines and amassed over one million Instagram followers.

By her mid-30s as an established television personality, the world of glitzy fame and cinema felt normal routine for sultry actress Hiba Abouk whilst living in Madrid.

Little did she know another twist of fate stemming from African roots would introduce flashy football defender Achraf Hakimi careening into her universe during 2020.

Hakimi and Hiba Abouk Met in Germany in 2020

Hakimi and Hiba Abouk Met in Germany in 2020

The first encounter between actress Hiba Abouk and world footballer Achraf Hakimi traces back to when he played for Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund in western Germany.

In 2020, rising talent Hakimi had completed two seasons featuring across the star-studded squad. He helped lead BVB Dortmund to capturing the DFB-Pokal Cup and Supercup during part of his senior team debut.

Whilst excelling on pitch, Hakimi also explored trendy hangouts and restaurants to occupy spare time within Germany’s hipster Ruhr Valley region. The budding young superstar maintained an active yet private presence across social media channels.

During spring 2020 amidst the lonely COVID pandemic separating families, actress Abouk revealed through media interviews being stuck by herself quarantining across the Spanish capital of Madrid.

Reports claim the actress took advantage of loosened travel restrictions for celebrities and athletes to pay a special visit to handsome footballer Hakimi stationed in Germany. Butterflies emerged during their first in-person date and initial conversations kindled for the pair in mid-2020.

Amazingly both in their mid-20s, shared cultural bonds from African roots sprouted an enduring long distance relationship onwards as Hakimi completed final year in German then moved onwards to Inter Milan in Italy.

Achraf Hakimi Has Two Kids with His Wife

Just over one year later by 2021, Hakimi’s now public girlfriend Hiba Abouk excitedly announced pregnancy news tied to their cross-border love affair. By early 2022 at the footballers lavish Paris apartment, they welcomed baby boy Amin Hakimi as their first son.

The high profile duo proclaimed blessings for now parenting a child together despite living between two countries. But the long distance challenge and family duties still tested their bond because just months later came shocking events – Hiba was pregnant again!

In November 2022 the actress gave birth in Madrid to baby boy Naim, growing their newborn football family by two sons in the span of just one calendar year.

The whirlwind development of parenting two children so young forced both parents to adjust schedules balancing respective careers with shared duties caring for infants Amin and Naim in the nursery.

It seemed difficult but worthwhile family sacrifices for 27-year old Hiba and 25-year old Achraf to jointly watch their newborn boys grow whilst playing for one of football’s most prestigious clubs in Paris Saint-Germain.

Hakimi and His Wife Are In the Process of Divorcing

However just weeks after actress Hiba Abouk gave birth in late 2022 to their second baby boy Naim Hakimi, scandalous headlines shocked the celebrity gossip world across Europe…

Hakimi and his wife are filing for divorce after just two years of marriage!

No particular events or details emerged over what may have suddenly splintered the relationship bonding Moroccan footballer Hakimi and Spanish actress Abouk since initially meeting in Germany during 2020.

But according to family lawyers cited anonymously in tabloid reports, Hiba showed up randomly at Achraf’s Paris apartment in early December to “throw him out for good!” Neighbors claimed hearing loud arguing emanate from the flat.

The next morning Mr Hakimi had allegedly moved elsewhere locally whilst Ms Abouk whisked their newborn sons on a plane back to her Spanish residency without approval.Hakimi and Abouk embrace during marriage last year

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Hakimi and His Wife Are In the Process of Divorcing (Cont.)

Rumors swirled across social media that Hiba discovered her husband’s infidelity with another woman back in Paris as the explanation behind abruptly exiting their marriage.

But Hakimi’s management team issued a counter statement insisting no guilt behind his shock split with wife Abouk. They vaguely suggested “personal reasons beyond his control” caused the relationship breakdown.

Lawyers confirm early divorce paperwork being drafted between the short-term couple as they now move forward co-parenting newborn sons Amin and Naim Hakimi across different countries.

Heartbreak has ensued for the boys seeing mom and dad separate so suddenly when needing family stability at such young, delicate ages requiring parental devotion and love.

It is Not Verified Whether Hakimi’s Wealth is in His Mother’s Name

As Hakimi’s confusing split from actress wife Hiba Abouk dominates gossip pages, another peculiar rumor has emerged tied to the PSG footballer’s finances.

Spanish tax authorities have oddly been unable to locate details related to the right back’s estimated 50-60 million Euro fortune earned from lucrative contracts with world football clubs plus endorsement deals with brands like Nike.

Some speculation indicated Hakimi may have signed an arrangement shortly after his 18th birthday to shift incoming wealth and assets into his mother Fatima’s name.

The unverified rumor suggests doing so could act as a “financial shield” where funds sit in a parent’s accounts shielded from scrutiny of young footballer’s tax obligations or risky investments.

However no clear evidence or paper trail confirms whether Achraf Hakimi actually hid millions in bank accounts controlled by Fatima Hakimi or other family members. It remains gossip despite investigations showing his lack of attachable assets.

For now, focus returns towards Hakimi finalizing divorce terms with estranged wife Hiba Abouk so the former couple can civilly raise sons Amin and Naim despite the collapsed relationship dying almost as suddenly as it sprouted during a pandemic.


How rich is Hakimi’s wife?

Hakimi’s wife Hiba Abouk is believed to have a net worth around $2-4 million as a popular actress in Spain.

How many children does Hakimi have?

Achraf Hakimi has two children – sons born in 2022 named Amin and Naim Hakimi.

How much money does Achraf Hakimi have?

Which footballer puts everything in his mother’s name?

According to rumors that are unverified, it is claimed that Achraf Hakimi may put his wealth and assets under his mother’s name but there is no clear proof.


In summary, flashes of light have started exposing cracks beneath the surface of Achraf Hakimi’s rapid rise at just age 25 towards global football fame few reach.

From hazy family roots, a failed high-profile marriage, and financial mystery, deeper layers of his off-field identity and motivations come into question.

Yet regardless of future bombshells or surprises that may emerge on or off the pitch, young Hakimi still has years ahead to come clean. He can begin valuing honesty as much as those electrifying goals rocketing towards net.

Because integrity and trust will matter most helping his infant boys Amin and Naim grow into good men one day themselves – no matter where life guides their seperated mother and beloved footballer father in the years ahead.

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