Demetress Bell Grew Up A Tough Childhood But Mom Gloria Was Always There

Demetress Bell’s early life was far from easy. Born into challenging circumstances, he faced a tough childhood that could have derailed his dreams.

But through it all, one constant remained – the unwavering love and support of his mother, Gloria Bell.

This is a story of perseverance, a mother’s dedication, and the power of familial bonds to overcome adversity.

Demetress Bell’s Early Life: A Difficult Start

Demetress Bell's Early Life: A Difficult Start

Demetress Bell’s journey began under complicated circumstances. His mother, Gloria Bell, was just 13 years old when she gave birth to him in Summerfield, Louisiana.

His father, Karl Malone, the legendary NBA player nicknamed the “Mailman,” was only 20 at the time.

Gloria and Karl never legally married, leaving Gloria to shoulder the immense responsibility of raising Demetress Bell on her own as a teenage single mother.

Financial struggles and emotional turmoil were part of Demetress’s early life. Gloria, despite her youth, displayed a strength and determination that would become the foundation of her son’s character.

She made the difficult choice to raise Demetress Bell without the influence of his absentee father, shielding him from the complexities of his paternity to give him a “clean” upbringing.

Demetress’ Mother Gloria: A Rock in the Storm

Gloria Bell’s pivotal role in Demetress’s life cannot be overstated. She was his primary caregiver, his source of love and stability in a world that could have easily overwhelmed a child.

Through her selfless sacrifices and unwavering support, Gloria became the rock that anchored Demetress’s life.

Quote: “My mom always told me, ‘Don’t let what you can’t control, control you.’ She was my motivation and my strength when things got tough.” – Demetress Bell

Gloria’s dedication knew no bounds. She worked tirelessly to provide for her son, often taking on multiple jobs to make ends meet.

But her love extended far beyond the material – she was a constant emotional support system, encouraging Demetress Bell to chase his dreams and never give up.

The Legal Battle for Support

Despite Gloria’s efforts, the financial strain of raising a child alone was immense.

In 1986, her family initiated legal action against Karl Malone, seeking a court order for him to contribute $200 per week in child support.

Though Malone initially resisted, he eventually agreed to provide an undisclosed lump-sum payment to help with Demetress’s upbringing, albeit without any strings attached or ongoing involvement.

Demetress Dad Karl Malone: The “Mailman” With a Complex Legacy

Demetress Dad Karl Malone: The "Mailman" With a Complex Legacy

Karl Malone’s NBA career was nothing short of legendary. As a power forward for the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers, he earned the nicknameThe Mailman” for his reliable and consistent play.

Over 18 seasons, Malone amassed numerous accolades, including two NBA Most Valuable Player awards, making him one of the greatest players in league history.

1985-2003Utah JazzPower Forward
2003-2004Los Angeles LakersPower Forward

However, Malone’s personal life was far more complex. Demetress Bell was unaware of his father’s identity until after he finished high school, as Gloria intentionally shielded him from that knowledge.

When the truth finally came to light, it created a strained and complicated relationship between father and son.

In 2014, a decade after Demetress’s NFL debut, the two made efforts to reconcile and establish a more amicable connection.

While their relationship improved, the years of absence and emotional distance left an indelible mark on Demetress’s life.

Half-Siblings United

Despite the challenges with his father, Demetress found solace and a sense of extended family through his nine half-siblings.

He formed particularly close bonds with his half-brother and half-sister, Daryl and Cheryl Ford, who were born in 1981 to Karl Malone and Bonita Ford.

Cheryl’s accomplishments as a professional basketball player added another layer to the family’s athletic legacy.

She played college ball at Louisiana Tech before being drafted into the WNBA by the Detroit Shock in 2003, where she played until 2009.

The connections with Daryl, Cheryl, and his other half-siblings provided Demetress Bell with a support system and a sense of belonging that helped him navigate the complexities of his family dynamics.

Demetress’ Perseverance: Overcoming the Odds

Demetress' Perseverance: Overcoming the Odds

Despite the challenges of his childhood, Demetress Bell refused to let adversity define his future.

With his mother’s love and support as his driving force, he pursued his dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

In 2008, Demetress’s perseverance paid off when he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the seventh round of the NFL Draft.

He went on to play as an offensive tackle for six seasons, suiting up for the Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and Tennessee Titans.

Throughout his football career, Demetress carried the lessons learned from his tough upbringing and his mother’s unwavering dedication.

Gloria’s words echoed in his mind: “Don’t let what you can’t control, control you.

It was a mantra that fueled his determination to succeed against the odds, proving that love can conquer even the most daunting of adversities.


Who is Demetrius Bell’s mother?

Demetrius Bell’s mother is Gloria Bell.

Did Karl Malone take a DNA test?

While reports suggest a DNA test confirmed Karl Malone fathered a child with a minor, it’s unclear if he personally took one.

Why did Demetrius Bell change his name?

According to Wikipedia, Demetrius Bell discovered his name was actually spelled “Demetress” and changed it to reflect the correct spelling.

Who is Karl Malone’s wife?

Karl Malone’s wife is Kay Kinsey, a former Miss Idaho USA and businesswoman.

How many wives has Karl Malone had?

Karl Malone has been married once.

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Final Thoughts

Demetress Bell’s story is a testament to the power of a mother’s love and the resilience of the human spirit.

From a tough childhood in Summerfield, Louisiana, with a teenage single mother and an absentee father, he rose to become a professional NFL player, drafted by the Buffalo Bills.

Through it all, Gloria Bell remained the constant – a rock in the storm, providing the love, support, and encouragement that propelled Demetress forward.

Her selfless sacrifices and unwavering dedication instilled in her son the strength to overcome any obstacle.

Demetress’s journey is a reminder that family bonds, forged in adversity, can be the foundation upon which dreams are built.

It’s a story of perseverance, resilience, and the triumph of love over even the toughest of childhoods.

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