Complete List Of 6’6″ Players In The NFL (2024)

In the National Football League, where every physical attribute is scrutinized for its potential impact on the game, players standing at 6’6″ offer a unique blend of size, strength, and agility.

This article explores the crucial role these towering athletes play across the professional football league, examining how their remarkable stature influences their performance across various positions.

Tallest NFL Players in 2024

Tallest NFL Players in 2024

Drawing from a comprehensive review of Week 1 rosters, we have identified every player who stands at 6’6″ in the NFL.

From offensive tackles shielding quarterbacks to defensive ends disrupting plays, and signal-callers with a clear vision over the field, these athletes utilize their height to gain a tactical advantage.

Here’s the complete list of 6’6″ NFL players organized by position and team:

Player NamePositionTeam
Mitch MorseCBills
Joe TippmannCJets
Graham GlasgowCLions
Ethan PocicCBrowns
BJ ThompsonDEChiefs
Amare BarnoDEPanthers
A.J. EpenesaDEBills
Montez SweatDECommanders
Efe ObadaDECommanders
Greg RousseauDEBills
Payton TurnerDESaints
Tyree WilsonDERaiders
Deatrich WiseDEPatriots
Logan HallDEBuccaneers
Dayo OdeyingboDEColts
Mike MorrisDESeahawks
Dean LowryDEVikings
Zach SielerDEDolphins
William GholstonDTBuccaneers
Jerry TilleryDTRaiders
Gervon Dexter Sr.DTBears
Jordan DavisDTEagles
Jordan PhillipsDTBills
Brady ChristensenGPanthers
Austin SchlottmannGVikings
Cody MauchGBuccaneers
Will FriesGColts
David EdwardsGBills
Andrew WylieGCommanders
Alex CappaGBengals
Ezra ClevelandGVikings
Cordell VolsonGBengals
Colby SorsdalGLions
Nick SaldiveriGSaints
Trey SmithGChiefs
Halapoulivaati VaitaiGLions
Cade MaysGPanthers
Max ScharpingGBengals
Josh SillsGColts
Landon DickersonGEagles
Ben ClevelandGRavens
Andre Carter IILBVikings
Tavius RobinsonLBRavens
Marcus DavenportLBVikings
Colton McKivitzOT49ers
Dillon RadunzOTTitans
Bernhard RaimannOTColts
Ryan HayesOTColts
Liam EichenbergOTDolphins
Jaelyn DuncanOTTitans
Ryan Van DemarkOTBills
Wanya MorrisOTChiefs
Trey PipkinsOTChargers
Max MitchellOTJets
Jack ConklinOTBrowns
Sam CosmiOTCommanders
Riley ReiffOTPatriots
Braden SmithOTColts
Paris Johnson Jr.OTCardinals
Elijah WilkinsonOTCardinals
Ryan RamczykOTSaints
Ronnie StanleyOTRavens
Alex PalczewskiOTBroncos
Ben BartchOTJaguars
Lucas NiangOTChiefs
Thayer Munford Jr.OTRaiders
Justin SkuleOTBuccaneers
Nick ZakeljOT49ers
Jake CurhanOTSeahawks
Morgan MosesOTRavens
Teven JenkinsOTBears
Terence SteeleOTCowboys
Oli UdohOTVikings
Vederian LoweOTPatriots
Tyrone Wheatley Jr.OTPatriots
Chukwuma OkoraforOTSteelers
Tyler SteenOTEagles
Foster SarellOTChargers
Abraham LucasOTSeahawks
Dennis DaleyOTCardinals
Rasheed WalkerOTPackers
Lane JohnsonOTEagles
Robert HuntOTDolphins
Matt FeilerOTBuccaneers
Darnell WrightOTBears
Donovan SmithOTChiefs
Kaleb McGaryOTFalcons
Trevor LawrenceQBJaguars
Tanner McKeeQBEagles
Justin HerbertQBChargers
Darren WallerTEGiants
Cole TurnerTECommanders
Kyle PittsTEFalcons
Davis AllenTERams
Mike GesickiTEPatriots
Durham SmytheTEDolphins
Logan ThomasTECommanders
Blake BellTEChiefs
Luke MusgraveTEPackers
Tyler HigbeeTERams

Offensive Tackles Towering Over Defenses

Offensive Tackles Towering Over Defenses

Several 6’6″ offensive tackles stand out for their ability to leverage their height and length to shield quarterbacks from pass rushers.

Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles is a prime example.

After transitioning from quarterback to offensive line in college, Johnson has developed into an elite offensive tackle known for his quick feet, strong hands, and excellent technique.

His 6’6″ frame provides a formidable barrier that consistently handles some of the league’s best pass rushers, giving stability and reliability to the Eagles’ offense.

Ryan Ramczyk, the 6’6″ tackle for the New Orleans Saints, offers a similar impact.

With his towering stature and top-tier athleticism, Ramczyk excels in both pass protection and run blocking, consistently paving the way for the Saints’ potent offense.

Defensive Ends Disrupting with Their Reach

On the defensive side, players like Greg Rousseau of the Buffalo Bills demonstrate how 6’6″ defensive ends can wreak havoc with their length and wingspan.

Rousseau’s ability to keep blockers at bay and disrupt passing lanes has made him a force on the defensive front.

His teammate A.J. Epenesa, another 6’6″ defensive end for the Bills, showcases a similar style.

With their long arms and wide reach, these towering defensive ends can make life miserable for opposing quarterbacks and offensive lines.

Player Bios – 6’6″ Standouts

Player Bios - 6'6" Standouts

Highlighting the prowess of these athletes, whether they’re fortifying the offensive line, wreaking havoc on defense, or orchestrating plays as quarterbacks, underscores the invaluable strategic edge their imposing size bestows upon the game.

Justin Herbert – A Towering Quarterback

Justin Herbert, the quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers, stands tall at 6’6″, a statute that grants him a clear vantage point over the defensive line, providing a strategic advantage in spotting open receivers.

Since being drafted in 2020, Herbert has quickly established himself as one of the most promising talents in the league, known for his strong arm, accuracy, and poise in the pocket.

Herbert’s height, combined with his athletic ability, allows him to extend plays and find passing lanes that shorter quarterbacks might not see.

His impressive play, particularly in high-pressure situations, has led to numerous accolades, including the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

As he continues to develop, Herbert’s blend of size, skill, and leadership qualities point towards a bright future in the NFL, making him a cornerstone of the Chargers’ franchise.

Lane Johnson – Anchor of the Eagles O-Line

Lane Johnson, a crucial part of the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line, uses his 6’6″ frame to effectively protect his quarterback and open lanes for the running game.

His combination of size and athleticism makes him one of the elite offensive tackles in the NFL.

Johnson’s ability to handle some of the league’s best pass rushers consistently has been a key factor in the Eagles’ offensive success.

Johnson’s journey from a junior college quarterback to an NFL season offensive tackle is a testament to his versatility and work ethic.

His transition to the offensive line in college laid the foundation for his NFL career, where he has become known for his quick feet, strong hands, and excellent technique.

A multiple-time Pro Bowler, Johnson’s presence on the field provides stability and reliability, making him an invaluable asset to the Eagles’ offense.

Kyle Pitts – Redefining the Tight End Position

Kyle Pitts, a tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, brings a unique blend of size and athleticism to his position.

Drafted fourth overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, Pitts has quickly become a notable force in the league.

His height, combined with his exceptional speed and route-running ability, makes him a formidable matchup problem for defenders.

Pitts excels at using his body to shield defenders, and his basketball-like skills in high-pointing the ball make him a favorite target in the red zone.

Pitts’ rookie season was marked by record-breaking performances, showcasing his potential to redefine the tight end position.

His ability to line up both on the line and as a wide receiver gives the Falcons’ offense a versatile weapon.

As Pitts continues to refine his skills and grow in the NFL, he is poised to become one of the premier tight ends in the league, offering a dynamic threat in both the passing and blocking games.

Trevor Lawrence – Pocket Presence and Field Vision

Trevor Lawrence, the quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, stands at an impressive 6’6″, providing him with a clear field vision and the ability to make throws over the top of the defense.

Selected as the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Lawrence entered the league with high expectations due to his standout college career at Clemson.

His height, arm strength, and football IQ make him well-suited for the demands of a starting NFL quarterback.

Lawrence’s rookie season was a learning experience, showcasing his resilience in a challenging team environment.

His ability to make quick decisions, coupled with his mobility and accuracy, indicates a promising future in the league.

As he continues to develop, Lawrence’s leadership and talent are expected to be central to the Jaguars’ offensive scheme and future successes.

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Final Thoughts

The compelling narratives of Justin Herbert, Lane Johnson, Kyle Pitts, and Trevor Lawrence illustrate the significant impact that 6’6″ players have in the NFL.

Each of these athletes leverages their height to bring a unique advantage to their positions, whether it’s a quarterback having a better view over the defensive line, a tight end becoming an unmatched target, or an offensive tackle providing formidable protection.

As we conclude this exploration into the world of 6’6″ players in the NFL, it’s clear that height, while an advantageous attribute, is just one piece of the puzzle.

Success in the league is a product of how these players blend their physical gifts with hard work, tactical understanding, and continuous improvement.

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