Duke Dennis

Duke Dennis is an American YouTuber, gamer and social media content creator who has made a name for himself through NBA basketball gaming videos.

With millions of subscribers across multiple YouTube channels, Duke Dennis has amassed fame and fortune by following his passion for gaming.

Background and Early Life

Born on February 26, 1994 in Greenville, South Carolina, Duke Dennis is currently 29 years old. He was raised in a Christian household and holds American nationality.

Not much is publicly known about his parents, though it’s likely they were entrepreneurs or working professionals.

Duke has mentioned having a supportive family, though prefers to keep that part of his life private.

Duke stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 72 kg. He has an athletic physique, which he maintains through regular workouts and gym sessions.

For his education, Duke Dennis graduated from high school in South Carolina.

He likely attended college afterward, though his major and other academic achievements aren’t known.

It’s clear though that he was talented in sports and had a passion for gaming from a young age.

Duke has one brother named Darius Dennis, who makes appearances in some of his YouTube videos.

The Dennis brothers seem to share a tight bond and have collaborated on funny skits for Duke’s channel.

Darius is a rapper and music producer, showing the creative talents in the family.

Overall, Duke had a fairly normal upbringing as a kid interested in sports and video games.

No one could have predicted the superstardom that awaited him once he began uploading YouTube videos about his favorite game franchise.

Duke’s Gaming Content and Rise to YouTube Stardom

Duke created his first YouTube channel “Duke Dennis Gamingon February 16, 2013.

However, it took him a few years to start regularly uploading content. His first video wasn’t posted until October 2016.

That inaugural video titledNBA 2K17 DROPPED 19 ON SUPERSTAR HEAD – BEST JUMPSHOT IN NBA 2K17” garnered tens of thousands of views right away.

Fans loved Duke’s humor and skilled gameplay.

Within a year, the channel had over 300,000 subscribers. And the growth continued exponentially after that.

Key Milestones for Duke Dennis Gaming:

  • 100,000 subscribers: January 2017
  • 500,000 subscribers: December 2017
  • 1 million subscribers: July 2018
  • 1.94 million subscribers currently (as of 2024)

Duke gained popularity primarily through his NBA 2K17 videos. The game was already a few years old when Duke started making videos, but he found inventive ways to create unique content around it.

Fans loved his blend of comedy sketches, wacky fictional storylines, trash talk, and of course impressive basketball skills.

Some of his notable video styles included:

  • Series featuring a character called “DeeBlock Duke
  • Skits about his “Durag Duke” persona
  • Commentary while playing various challenges
  • Collaborative videos with other YouTubers

DeeBlock Duke

One of Duke’s most popular video concepts involved a fictional persona named DeeBlock Duke. With creative editing and voice narration, he portrayed DeeBlock as a separate character.

DeeBlock was depicted as a basketball hustler always looking for a pickup game for money. The videos followed his adventures trash talking rivals and showing off flashy moves.

This series demonstrated Duke’s talent for building an engaging storyline around his gameplay videos. Fans couldn’t wait for the next episode following DeeBlock Duke’s antics.

Durag Duke

In other videos, Duke created a character called Durag Duke. Donning a durag on his head, this version of Duke was more laidback and comical.

The Durag Duke videos often involved playing pranks on other people or rambling in freestyle rap form. This dynamic character added another layer of entertainment to Duke’s channel.

Challenges and Collaborations

Duke also garnered views by filming challenge videos playing NBA 2K.

He would compete in difficult settings like beating hall of fame AI with low rated players. His entertaining reactions to wins and losses had fans hooked.

Collaborations were another key factor in Duke’s rise.

Joining up with other popular gaming YouTubers introduced Duke to new audiences and provided funny banter.

In May 2020, Duke launched a second YouTube channel simply called “Duke Dennis” to expand his content style. On this channel, he posts vlogs, reaction videos, IRL challenges, and more.

This channel took off incredibly fast:

  • 100,000 subscribers within 1 week
  • 1 million subscribers within 1 month
  • 2.27 million subscribers currently (as of 2024)

Proving his versatility, Duke also began a third gaming channel in July 2021 called “Duke Dennis Live.”

This channel allows him to live stream gaming sessions and interact with fans in real time. Though much newer, it has already surpassed 800,000 subscribers.

Duke’s meteoric rise on YouTube can be attributed to several factors:

  • His natural humor and charisma on camera
  • Highly engaging, creative video concepts
  • Skill at basketball video games
  • Relatability and being genuine
  • Interacting with fans
  • Collaboration with other growing YouTubers

He went from just another kid playing games in his bedroom to an internet superstar and celebrity gamer with millions of fans.

Notable Collaborations:

  • Duke has recorded numerous videos with the comedy collective AMP which has over 14 million subscribers. Their viral videos together earned Duke exposure to new audiences.
  • In 2021, Duke collaborated with popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat to give away free game consoles in New York City. Events like this generate publicity and goodwill with fans.
  • Other YouTubers who have collaborated with Duke include Stage, YourRAGE, and more. These crossovers help all parties involved grow their audience.

In just a few short years, Duke Dennis has emerged as one of the most prominent faces of the NBA 2K gaming world on YouTube.

At just 29 years old currently, it’s likely his channels and audience will continue growing for years to come.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Other Interests and Hobbies

While gaming is his main claim to fame, Duke Dennis has several other interests and hobbies he indulges in his free time:


Duke takes health and fitness seriously, hitting the gym five days a week according to Duke Dannis Instagram.

His athleticism allows him to showcase fun sports challenges on YouTube without getting winded.

Some fitness content he has created includes:

  • Vlogs sharing his workout routines and fitness tips
  • Videos playing basketball IRL rather than just video games
  • Eating challenges involving huge amounts of protein or spicy foods

Duke often motivates his fans to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle too. He sometimes promotes brands that align with his passion for fitness as well.


Duke owns a custom Jeep Wrangler that he is fond of showing off in YouTube videos and on Instagram. The rugged vehicle fits his adventurous personality.

He has posted vlogs detailing the custom mods he’s made to the Jeep including new rims, lift kit, bumpers, lighting, and more.

Duke enjoys taking his Jeep off-roading and putting it to the test. Car customization seems to be one of his creative outlets outside of YouTube.


Duke has multiple tattoos on his arms and chest that he has shared on social media over the years.

These include:

  • Large script on his left bicep
  • Roman numerals on his forearms
  • Intricate designs across his chest

Tattoos seem to be a form of self-expression for the YouTube star. He gets new ink to commemorate milestones in his life or things he feels passionate about.

For example, when Duke hit the remarkable milestone of one million subscribers, he got a tattoo to celebrate the achievement.


Duke is known for his stylish streetwear clothing in videos and public appearances. He takes pride in looking sharp.

Some of Duke’s favorite fashion brands include:

  • Gucci
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Off-White
  • Supreme
  • Nike
  • Versace

He likes accessorizing with jewelry and stylish sunglasses as well. Duke credits his time living in Los Angeles for influencing his fashion sense.

Staying on top of the latest trends seems to be a hobby of his off camera. He has impeccable style.

Net Worth and Earnings as a YouTuber

So how much does Duke Dennis make? His main sources of income are:

  • YouTube ad revenue
  • Sponsored content and brand promotions
  • Affiliate marketing commissions
  • Merchandise sales from his personal website
  • Appearance fees and events
  • Investments and endorsements

As of 2024, Duke Dennis has an estimated net worth of $3 million according to publications. That puts the 29-year-old comfortably in the millionaire bracket.

Let’s break down his potential YouTube earnings.

With nearly 5 million subscribers across his 3 channels, Duke likely makes somewhere between $30,000 – $60,000 per month from AdSense revenue alone, depending on view counts.

That adds up to $360,000 – $720,000 per year from YouTube ads.

He can also command around $50,000 – $100,000 for a single brand sponsorship.

Even his “smaller” third channel with 800,000 subscribers likely earns around $5,000 per month on its own.

Other Income Sources

  • Duke’s online merchandise shop often features new limited-edition apparel and items with his branding. Sales from merch provides a lucrative income stream.
  • As his fame grows, Duke can now charge up to tens of thousands for public appearances, speaking engagements, and hosting events.
  • Affiliate marketing through promoting products on social media is estimated to bring in a healthy monthly amount.
  • He may earn dividends through investments and business ownership opportunities available due to his high net worth.
  • Endorsement deals from gaming, clothing, and fitness brands can also contribute significantly to his net worth. Duke has great influence among key demographics.

Other income like merch sales, promotional events, and investments take his yearly earnings even higher.

While already wealthy, Duke Dennis’ net worth has potential to grow even more in coming years considering his young age and growing audience.

His channels show no signs of slowing down.

With multiple income streams and revenue possibilities, Duke has proven himself as one of the highest-paid YouTube stars focused on gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions About Duke Dennis

Here are some common FAQs about the basketball gaming personality:

What is Duke Dennis best known for?

He is best known for his NBA 2K gaming videos on YouTube entertaining millions of subscribers.

How much money does he make?

His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million currently, and still rising fast.

How tall is he?

Duke Dennis is 6 feet 2 inches tall or 1.88 meters. His height gives him an advantage when playing basketball.

What is his real name?

Duke’s real name is Dontavious Tony Davis. But he goes by the nickname Duke Dennis for his YouTube branding.

When is his birthday? How old is he?

Duke was born on February 26, 1994 making him 29 years old as of 2024.

Is Duke Dennis single?

As of now, Duke does not appear to be in a relationship. There have been no signs of a girlfriend on his social media or videos.

Where does he live?

Duke is based in San Diego, California after previously living in South Carolina.

What is Duke’s zodiac sign?

Duke Dennis’ zodiac sign is Pisces since his birthday falls on February 26th.

What is Duke’s ethnicity?

Based on available information, Duke Dennis is likely African American though his ethnicity is not confirmed.

Does Duke Dennis have kids?

No, Duke Dennis does not have any children based on what he has shared publicly.

What are Duke’s hobbies besides gaming?

Some of Duke’s other hobbies include fitness, cars, tattoos, and fashion. He enjoys staying active and creative.

What college did Duke Dennis attend?

The name of the college Duke attended is not clear. Based on his age, he likely went to college sometime between 2012-2016.

How did Duke Dennis get famous?

Duke earned fame by building up a massive audience on YouTube through his entertaining NBA 2K gaming videos and creative content.

Who are Duke Dennis’ siblings?

His only publicly known sibling is his brother Darius Dennis. Darius has appeared in Duke’s videos and works in music.

What is Duke’s workout routine?

Duke hits the gym 5 days a week focusing on strength training and cardio. His routines help him stay energetic for long gaming sessions.

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Final Thoughts

In just a few short years, Duke Dennis has cemented himself as one of the most popular and entertaining gaming YouTubers through his unique style.

With millions of dedicated fans across multiple channels, his future looks bright as he continues pursuing his passion.

Duke’s journey proves that with consistent hard work, creativity, and determination, massive success is possible on YouTube and beyond.

He managed to turn his love of basketball gaming into a full-time career.

At just 29 years old, Duke’s net worth will likely continue rising as his audience keeps growing. His infectious energy and bold personality will keep fans engaged for years to come.

For anyone striving to make it big on YouTube, Duke Dennis serves as inspiration to follow one’s dreams.

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