How Old Are Celina Smith? Biography & Net Worth about Steve Will Do It’s Girlfriend

Celina Smith has rapidly become a social media star as the girlfriend of outrageous YouTube prankster Steve Will Do It.

But exactly how old is this rising Instagram influencer and model? This in-depth article will uncover Celina Smith’s complete biography, her relationship with Steve, and details on her growing net worth.

Introduction to Celina Smith: Model, Influencer, and YouTube Personality

Celina Smith is a 24 year old model, Instagram influencer, and YouTube personality originally from Los Angeles, California.

She has garnered over 800,000 followers on Instagram through her eye-catching fashion modeling photos and glimpses into her personal life.

Celina first entered the spotlight as the girlfriend of Steve Will Do It, a controversial YouTube prank channel with over 3.5 million subscribers.

Their relationship has been chronicled through vlogs and social media, earning them the title of YouTube’s “dynamic duo.”

But there’s much more to Celina Smith than just being Steve’s girlfriend. She has leveraged her social media fame into an influencer career, paid sponsorships, and modeling work. Her estimated net worth reflects her success.

The Early Life and Background That Shaped Celina Smith

Celina Smith was born in 1999 in Los Angeles, California, making her currently around 24 years old as of 2023. Details about her family and upbringing remain scarce, as Celina tends to keep that side of her life private.

However, it is believed she had a relatively stable and normal childhood growing up in LA. She has not spoken of any major struggles or traumas from her youth.

According to limited information, Celina attended a local public high school in her hometown. There, she took a strong interest in arts, fashion design, and photography classes that foreshadowed her future career interests.

While Celina has not revealed much about her school days, she seemed to excel in creative subjects and fashion. However, she did not go on to attend college after graduating high school.

In her late teens, Celina began posting stylized modelling shots and lifestyle photos on Instagram and other platforms. This allowed her to start developing her personal brand and online presence during her youth.

Building that social media foundation at an early age gave Celina a head start with the skills and audience needed to grow into a full-time influencer. Her early adoption of Instagram positioned her for success.

Celina Smith’s Meteoritic Rise to Instagram Fame and Influence

Celina Smith's Meteoritic Rise to Instagram Fame and Influence

Celina launched her Instagram account under the handle @celinasmithofficial in 2014 when the platform was still relatively new. She began posting fashion and modelling photos often taken by friends.

In her early Instagram days, Celina showed a knack for showcasing her fashion sense and model-esque photography. She slowly built her following by participating in Engagement Pods to gain visibility.

By 2016, Celina’s consistent posting and eye-catching photos allowed her to gain over 50,000 Instagram followers. This milestone meant she could start monetizing through partnerships with smaller brands.

Her big break came in 2018 when she went public with her relationship to outrageous YouTuber Steve Will Do It. Steve featured Celina prominently in his vlogs, instantly expanding her audience.

Being tied to Steve’s wild pranks and crazy antics made Celina go viral repeatedly. By 2020, she had amassed over 300,000 Instagram followers and counting.

Celina continues growing her audience by giving fans a voyeuristic look into her lavish lifestyle, relationship, and modelling gigs. She has mastered the art of the Instagram flex.

With a following now surpassing 800,000 in 2023, Celina has become one of LA’s top social media influencers. Brands line up to partner with her, amplifying her fame and income.

A Deep Dive Into Her High-Profile Relationship with Steve Will Do It

Celina first crossed paths with prankster Steve Deleonardis (known as SteveWillDoIt online) sometime around 2017 during her early Instagram days. The two met through mutual friends in LA.

They clicked right away and eventually made their relationship Instagram official in 2018 to the delight of fans. This marked a new era for both their careers.

Steve began incorporating Celina as a prominent character in his outrageous YouTube videos centered around drinking, partying, and offbeat challenges.

Celina provided a calm, level-headed foil to Steve’s hyper, wild energy. Their opposite personalities complemented one another – endearing them to millions of viewers seeking escapist entertainment.

The couple collaboratively vlogged about their lives and relationship, giving fans an intimate look at their love story. Their content presented a aspirational fantasy for many young followers.

In 2021, Steve took things to the next level by proposing to Celina in an elaborate video that has received over 4 million views. While not legally married yet, the couple actively posts about their impending nuptials.

Celina and Steve moved to Miami together in 2022 to enjoy the warm weather and party scene. They settled into a waterfront apartment as their new home base.

Some speculate that Celina plays up their picture-perfect relationship to fuel her influencer career. But they have persevered as one of YouTube’s most popular power couples.

Ultimately, both Celina and Steve owe much of their fame and success to their relationship being public. But is this sustainable long-term? Only time will tell.

Analyzing Celina Smith’s Revenue Sources and Net Worth

Thanks to her modelling, brand sponsorships, OnlyFans, and YouTube, Celina has amassed an estimated net worth of around $2 million.

She earns income through multiple streams:

  • Sponsored Instagram Posts – As an influencer with over 800k followers, Celina can charge between $3,000 – $5,000 for a single sponsored post or Insta story. For big brand deals, she likely earns much more.
  • Modelling Gigs – Celina books high-profile modelling jobs for brands like Fashion Nova, Lounge Underwear, and more. Top modelling gigs pay her $10,000 or more.
  • OnlyFans – Her private OnlyFans account with exclusive content has monthly subscribers. Even if she has a smaller subscriber count, this still generates consistent revenue.
  • YouTube Earnings – Though sporadic, appearing in Steve’s videos likely earns Celina a portion of the ad revenue he generates.
  • Brand Endorsements – Celina has done endorsement deals with retailers like Fashion Nova for extra income outside of her influencer posts.

Based on industry averages, reasonable estimates put Celina’s annual earnings between $200,000 – $300,000 solely from her influencer work and modelling gigs. Her income will likely continue rising rapidly as her fame grows.

7 Fun and Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Celina

Beyond her career, here are some intriguing fun facts about Celina Smith:

  • She has a small, dainty tattoo on her wrist spelling out “blessed” in cursive script.
  • Celina is obsessed with fashion and goes on regular shopping sprees at LA’s Rodeo Drive luxury boutiques.
  • On weekends, she loves hanging out at Miami Beach in stylish swimwear and taking Instagram-worthy beach body photos.
  • Her dream business venture is to one day create her own swimwear or lingerie line.
  • Her guilty pleasure food is pasta – Celina loves indulging in Italian dishes and carb-loaded meals.
  • She prefers to work out with private trainers rather than at a public gym to stay fit.
  • Celina splurges on tropical getaways any chance she gets and travels extensively.

The Bottom Line: Celina Smith is Here to Stay

It’s evident that Celina Smith is far more than just Steve Will Do It’s girlfriend. She is an entrepreneur who has leveraged her influencer fame into a lucrative personal brand and modelling career.

At just 24 years old, her net worth and follower count continue to grow at a meteoric pace. Celina shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to expanding her empire.

Her relationship with Steve may have opened doors initially, but she has proven herself to be a savvy businesswoman and social media mastermind. Celina represents the new generation of influencer who shape culture while monetizing their lifestyle.

With no shortage of drive and determination, expect Celina’s popularity and bank account balance to keep rising for years to come. She is cementing her place as a permanent fixture in the digital influencer space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Celina Smith

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Celina:

How old is Celina Smith currently?

Celina is approximately 24 years old as of 2023. She was born in 1999.

Where is Celina Smith originally from?

Celina grew up in Los Angeles, California before moving to Miami, Florida.

What does Celina Smith do professionally?

She is an Instagram influencer, model, and internet personality best known as Steve Will Do It’s girlfriend.

How did Celina Smith gain fame and followers?

She gained fame through her relationship with YouTuber Steve Will Do It and by growing a popular Instagram account.

Is Celina Smith married?

No, but she is engaged to long-term partner Steve Will Do It as of 2021.

What is Celina Smith’s estimated net worth?

Her estimated net worth is around $2 million from her various income sources.

How tall is Celina Smith?

While her exact height is unknown, she is estimated to stand around 5’5″ or 5’6″.

Does Celina have an OnlyFans account?

Yes, she operates a private OnlyFans account that generates revenue from monthly subscriptions.

Approximately how many Instagram followers does Celina have as of 2023?

As of 2023, Celina has over 800,000 Instagram followers and growing.

Where does Celina Smith currently live?

She resides in Miami, Florida with her fiancé Steve Will Do It in a luxury waterfront apartment.

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Final Thoughts

Celina Smith has skillfully leveraged her relationship with Steve Will Do It to launch herself into social media stardom. While her fame originated from dating an internet celebrity, Celina has proven she is more than just a girlfriend.

Through savvy influencer marketing and consistent high-quality content, she has amassed over 800,000 loyal Instagram followers.

Her success demonstrates that an authentic connection with your audience is the ultimate key to making it as an influencer.

Celina’s meteoric rise to fame reveals the power of being true to yourself. For young women hoping to emulate her influence career, Celina shows that confidence, creativity, and fearless authenticity can open endless doors.

She represents a new generation of relatable role models thriving in the digital age.

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