Who is Adrienne Calhoun?: Facts about George Foreman’s ex-wife

Adrienne Calhoun was once married to legendary former professional boxer and grill salesman George Foreman, but what role did she really play in his epic life story? That’s what we’ll uncover today.

George Edward Foreman first made headlines when he won Olympic gold in boxing in 1968. He followed it up with heavyweight championship reigns in the 1970s before retiring. 

However, he shocked the world with a comeback in his 40s recapturing his world title and becoming the oldest ever heavyweight champion.

Behind the scenes during this incredible career was his wife for over 10 years – Adrienne Calhoun. Let’s dig into key facts about this mostly unknown celebrity ex-spouse.

Early Life and Upbringing

Adrienne Calhoun was born on September 15, 1953 in New Jersey as the oldest of five daughters. She had an underprivileged urban upbringing alongside her four sisters raised by a single mother.

Despite growing up poor without a father figure, Adrienne was a strong student and went on to graduate with honors from West Orange High School in 1971.

Relationship and Marriage to George Foreman

Adrienne first met her future husband in early 1977 at a boxing match featuring George Foreman, the fierce heavy-weight fighter who’d recently lost his world title to Muhammad Ali.

Table 1. George Foreman Boxing Record (First Career)

Years ActiveTotal FightsWinsKO WinsLossesDraws

It was love at first sight, and the two started dating soon afterwards. In spite of struggling early on in the relationship, the birth of their first son in 1978 brought them closer together.

On January 21, 1985, Adrienne Calhoun and George Foreman got married in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family. They went on to have a total of 5 sons and 3 daughters together blending into one big happy family.

Adrienne’s Role During George’s Boxing Comeback

Adrienne's Role During George's Boxing Comeback

When George decided to return to professional boxing in 1987 after a 10-year retirement, Adrienne was supportive but also realistic about how dangerous this comeback could be considering George’s advanced age.

“I figured he knew what he was doing…I know George, and when he puts his mind to something he goes all out to achieve it.” – Adrienne on George’s comeback

Adrienne took on the key job of raising their 5 rambunctious boys – George Jr, George III (“Monk”), George IV (“Big Wheel”), George V (“Red”), and George VI (“Little Joey”) – while George intensely trained for his return to the ring.

She attended many of his boxing matches offering moral support including his legendary upset victory over Mike Tyson in 1990 to regain the heavyweight crown in one of boxing’s greatest comebacks ever.

Quiet Divorce and Settlement

Sadly, after over 16 years together, Adrienne and George’s marriage ended in an amicable divorce finalized in 2002. 

While the reasons were kept private, there was speculation that George’s born-again Christianity and Adrienne’s own spiritual journey led them in different directions.

Financial details were not disclosed, but under California law Adrienne was entitled to around $12.5 million based on George’s net worth plus ongoing child and spousal support.

The settlement gave Adrienne primary physical custody of their 5 sons and 3 daughters, including their homes and assets in Texas and California.

This ensured continuity for the children while George pursued various business ventures and his second marriage.

Life After George Foreman

After the divorce from boxing icon George Foreman, Adrienne remained largely out of the public eye focused on raising her 8 children as a single mom in California.

2028 marks almost 10 years since her quiet split from George. Based on available information, Adrienne seems content with her private life outside the spotlight alongside her large family.

While the relationship did not last, Adrienne Calhoun played an integral part in George Foreman’s life at the height of his successful boxing comeback through her steady support as his wife, business advisor, and mother to their many children.


In summary, these key facts help tell the story of the elusive Adrienne Calhoun – devoted partner to George Foreman during his second wave of championship glory in the 1990s and dedicated mother to their eight children through marriage’s end.

Her early struggles shaped her restrained and pragmatic nature which came to perfectly complement George’s bombastic and risk-taking personality during 16 years together.

Though faded from public memory, insightful research reveals Adrienne’s irreplaceable impact on world heavyweight champion George Foreman’s lasting legacy in and out of the ring.

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