Meet Thierry Henry’s children: Téa, Tatiana, Gabriel, and Tristan

Legendary footballer Thierry Henry is considered one of the greatest strikers of all time. But off the pitch, Henry relishes his biggest role – being a proud father.

The French icon has four children – two daughters and two sons – that he adores. While he’s guarded about his private life, Henry does give occasional glimpses into his joy of parenthood.

Thierry Henry’s Relationship Timeline and Marriages

Thierry Henry’s Relationship Timeline and Marriages

Before diving into the kids, here is a relationship timeline for their famous dad:

  • Henry dated English model Nicole Merry in the late 1990s. Their daughter Téa was born in 1998.
  • In 2003, Henry married Claire Merry (no direct relation to Nicole). They had daughter Tatiana later that year before divorcing in 2008.
  • The striker began a romance with Bosnian model Andrea Rajacic around 2010.
  • Their first son Gabriel was born in 2014 followed by Tristan in 2016.
  • Henry and Andrea married in 2015 but have reportedly kept their relationship private.

Now let’s get to know Henry’s pride and joy – Téa, Tatiana, Gabriel and Tristan.

Téa Henry is Thierry Henry’s Firstborn Child

Téa Henry is the footballer’s first-born daughter with English model Nicole Merry. She came into the world in 1998, the same year her dad celebrated France’s historic UEFA Champions League victory.

Now in her mid-20s, Téa maintains a low profile outside some Instagram pictures. As for similarities with her famous father:

  • Téa did participate in youth soccer, perhaps inspired by Henry’s passion for the sport.
  • However, she hasn’t pursued it at an elite competitive level.
  • As of 2020, Téa was studying fashion and design in England.

Henry had this to say about connecting with his eldest through athletics with CBS Sports:

“I used to play soccer with Téa which was, for me, very emotional. She played soccer really well…It was pretty incredible.”

So while Téa hasn’t followed directly in his footsteps professionally, Henry seems proud of the confident young woman she’s become.

Thierry Henry has Three Children with Andrea Rajacic

Andrea Rajacic, Henry’s second wife, is the mother to the three youngest Henry siblings. Reports indicate that while the footballer and the Bosnian model keep a low profile, they remain partners dedicated to raising their family together.

Rajacic offered a small glimpse into family life during an interview with New York Issue magazine:

“Thierry and I are very private about our family. What I can share is that our children and their happiness are everything to us.”

Let’s learn more about the sons that Rajacic has lovingly raised with Henry.

Gabriel and Tristan – Henry’s Sons

Gabriel and Tristan – Henry’s Sons

Henry experienced fatherhood twice more with the birth of Gabriel in 2014 and Tristan in 2016.

Based on limited photos, Gabriel seems to have inherited his dad’s intense soccer focus at a young age. That passion is surely encouraged by Henry who coaches CF Montreal FC when not spending time with his children.

As for younger son Tristan, details are scarce but there’s little doubt he completes Henry’s adoring brood.

In an interview after leaving his coaching role at Arsenal FC, Henry offered this perspective:

“Spending more time with my kids is important. The divorce (from Claire) taught me to love them even more.”

So while the striker’s demanding career often takes him away, he is seizing as much time possible to bond with his boys.

Andrea Rajacic and Thierry Henry Are Not Legally Married

Though Henry and Rajacic tied the knot in an intimate 2015 ceremony, recent reports claim they are no longer legally registered as married.

Tabloids speculated about a potential divorce which Henry has not addressed. What does seem clear – Henry and Rajacic remain loving co-parents, though they’ve opted to keep romantic aspects out of the public eye.

In a 2021 football analysis interview, Henry briefly hinted at the arrangement:

“My partner and I have chosen privacy about our status. What matters most is our children.”

Ultimately Henry’s main focus is being the best father possible, regardless of formal relationship definitions.

How Many Sons Does Thierry Henry Have?

Thierry Henry has two sons along with his two daughters:

  • Gabriel Henry, born in 2014
  • Tristan Henry, born in 2016

While Gabriel and Tristan stay out of the spotlight, their football-legend dad makes sure to carve out quality time with both his boys.

Henry is also hands-on when it comes to school activities, participating in their classroom lessons when his CF Montreal schedule allows.

Former teammate Robert Pires told media after visiting Henry’s family:

“Thierry remains as intense watching his sons’ football matches as he was playing for Arsenal. He cheers louder than any parent!”

What Thierry Henry Enjoys Most About Fatherhood

For such an internationally revered athlete, Henry’s favorite job is being a devoted dad of four.

In a past Father’s Day post, he expressed his profound love:

“Being a father is the best thing that ever happened to me. But nobody ever prepares you for how difficult it is…The highs are so high, yet the lows makes it all worthwhile.”

For Henry, fatherhood isn’t always easy but the ultimate reward. He wants his children to grow up compassionate, rooted in strong values, all while chasing their passions – wherever they may lead.

Conclusion – A Glimpse Into Henry’s Joy as a Father

Thierry Henry has realised many dreams through his legendary football career. But his proudest achievement of all is being dad to Téa, Tatiana, Gabriel and Tristan.

The icon keeps his private life carefully guarded. Yet his immense love for his children is crystal clear. Wherever their interests take them, Henry will surely lead the cheers.

Off the pitch, Henry the family man has happily taken centre stage. And there’s no doubt – when it comes to parenting – this world-class striker continues to net hat tricks every day.

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