Where Are Sergiño Dest’s Parents Originally From?

Sergiño Dest has captivated global football with his prodigious talent. 

But what about the little-known background of his parents who shaped the young star’s journey? 

Where did the family origins lead to Dest choosing to represent the United States?

Sergiño Dest is Multi-Ethnic

Sergiño Dest is Multi-Ethnic

As a Dutch-born player of Surinamese-American descent, Sergiño Dest reflects the increasingly multi-ethnic fabric of modern society. 

Dest was able to choose between playing for two countries – the Netherlands where he grew up or the United States where his father’s family originated from. 

Ultimately his diverse family origins shaped Dest opting to represent the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Sergiño Dest’s Family Background

Sergiño Dest’s Family Background

Dest was born in 2000 to a Dutch mother named Patsy and father Kenneth, whose own parents came from Suriname in South America. 

Despite colonial links, Surinamese people faced challenges assimilating after emigrating to Netherlands. But Kenneth pursued his footballing dreams and met Patsy. 

They wed and settled in Almere City to raise Sergiño near Amsterdam.

Sergiño Dest’s Family Started a Milestone in His Football Career

From a young age, Patsy and Kenneth nurtured Sergiño’s passion for football, ferrying him to practices and games. 

Their support proved a foundation for his meteoric rise into the Barcelona first team by age 19. Now they travel globally to watch their son shine for both club and country.

Little Is Known About His Mother

Sergiño’s mother Patsy has shunned media attention, staying out of the public eye even as her son shot to fame. 

But she was pivotal in encouraging Sergiño’s football obsession

Patsy spent years driving him to tournaments and matches before he signed youth terms with Ajax aged 12.

He Has No Siblings

An only child, Sergiño Dest grew up lavished with attention from both parents. 

Their full backing allowed him to intensive training from childhood. 

Dest also benefited from lacking siblings competing for their parents’ time and resources.

Sergiño Dest’s Parents Are Christians

The deeply religious values Patsy and Kenneth instilled were also hugely influential on Sergiño. 

Raised in a devout Christian home, the faith provided a strong moral compass. 

It also developed Dest’s character and discipline which are now evident in his humility despite soccer stardom.

Kenneth Inspired Sergiño To Choose the United States Over the Netherlands

Sergiño’s father Kenneth proved the catalyst behind picking the U.S. Men’s National Team. 

Kenneth’s father was a U.S. Army serviceman who met his Surinamese wife while stationed in the Caribbean nation. 

He brought her back to raise Kenneth in New York after the Vietnam War.

So despite being born in Netherlands, Dest had a claim to American citizenship through his paternal grandfather’s military service.

Inspired by his father retelling stories of his own American upbringing, Dest felt a strong enough bond and pride in his cross-border heritage to represent the U.S.

Now Dest is fulfilling his dreams at elite level globally for both Barcelona and the youthful American team he opted to play for thanks to his diverse family origins.

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