Sam Hubbard Might Marry His Girlfriend Sooner Than We Expect

Ladies, brace yourselves because we have some disappointing yet highly anticipated news for you regarding NFL hunk Sam Hubbard’s relationship status.

For years, female fans have fawned over the Cincinnati Bengals defensive end, leaving thirsty comments every time he blesses social media with a swoon-worthy selfie.

But the jig is up – Sam is officially off the market and it sounds like wedding bells could be ringing sooner than you think!

Bad News Ladies! Sam Hubbard Has A Hot Girlfriend

In February 2023, Hubbard dropped a Instagram carousel that absolutely shattered hearts across the Queen City.

Among the shots of his ultra-fit physique and day-in-the-life glimpses was a couple of cozy photos with a stunning mystery woman. The intimate poses and googly eyes made it clear – this was no ordinary gal pal.

One commenter spoke for scorned admirers everywhere, mournfully declaring: “And then.. every unmarried woman in Cincinnati cried in uniso.” Sorry ladies, but the 6’5″ man of your dreams is taken by a total smokshow named Jessica Koehler.

Let’s all pour one out for the thousands of shots that were just brutally rejected.

Who is the Woman Stealing Sam’s Heart?

So just who is this Jessica Koehler, the gorgeous girlfriend of Sam Hubbard? Here are some key facts about the brunette bombshell:

  • Job: Area Sales Manager at Artemis Distribution in Chicago
  • Education: University of Tampa and Ohio State University graduate
  • How They Met: Jess and Sam crossed paths and hit it off while both attending Ohio State, setting the stage for their longterm romance.

Not only is Jess a total stunner, but she’s also clearly a brilliant and accomplished woman. Her impressive career and academic pedigree make it obvious why Hubbard was so smitten. This is no ordinary WAG – Jess is the total package.

Sam And Jess Knew Each Other Since College

While we don’t know all the juicy deets, it’s clear that Sam Hubbard’s girlfriend Jessica is no fleeting fling.

Their relationship spans nearly a decade back to their college days at Ohio State University in the mid-2010s.

Just imagine how their love blossomed over years of late-night study sessions, raging campus parties, and of course, Buckeyes football games.

They grew up alongside each other into the impressive individuals they are today, falling for one another’s minds as well as incredible bods.

There’s something so romantic about ending up with your college sweetheart, your best friend from the formative years.

The two know each other’s quirks, flaws, and families so intimately after being  partners-in-crime for so long. Their bond was forged in the unique crucible of undergrad life that so few get to experience together.

Who Is Sam Hubbard’s Girlfriend?

Of course, just because Jessica Koehler met her significant other Sam Hubbard while in college, that doesn’t mean she’s some aimless, entitled sports girlfriend living off his NFL wealth. Quite the opposite!

As mentioned before, Jess is a total boss in her own right as an Area Sales Manager at Artemis Distribution, a major cannabis sales agency based in Chicago.

This is a highly successful young woman forging her own career path, not simply coasting off her athlete boyfriend’s coattails.

Her work experience includes previous roles such as:

  • Subscription Sales Associate and Strategic Accounts Field Trainer (Artemis Distribution)
  • Sales Administrative Assistant (Cresco Labs)
  • Sales Associate (GOAT Climb and Cryo)
  • Client Relations Coordinator (Selective Search)
  • Life Insurance Broker (Family First Life)

On top of that, in addition to her Ohio State degree, Koehler is also a proud alumna of the University of Tampa. Talk about an impressive educational and professional pedigree!

Fans Want Sam To Marry His Babe, ASAP

A video featuring Jessica and Joe Burrow’s girlfriend Olivia went viral on TikTok, with fans urging both quarterbacks, Sam and Joe, to propose to their significant others.  Fans are eager to see Sam follow suit and hopefully hear wedding bells soon!

Final Thoughts

The signs are all there, folks. The Cincinnati Bengals’ very own Sam Hubbard has locked down an absolute gem of a girlfriend in Jessica Koehler, his college sweetheart from way back at Ohio State. She’s brilliant, gorgeous, driven, and has stood by his side for nearly a decade now.

On top of that, the pair seem to have the enthusiastic support and well-wishes of Bengals nation, who are practically demanding that Hubbard put a ring on it sooner than later.

All just a few months ago, fans spoke their emphatic truth – no more waiting around, it’s time for Sam to wifey up his flawless partner.

So will the happy couple actually tie the knot in the very near future? Based on their decade-long romance that’s been building to this moment, our educated prediction is a resounding “I do!” Only time will tell, but smart money is on Hubbard and Koehler getting engaged and married sooner than we all expect. Stay tuned!

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