Will Sam Hubbard Marry Longtime Girlfriend Jessica Koehler Soon?

Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Sam Hubbard can’t seem to get enough of the handsome NFL player. Whenever the chiseled 6’5″ athlete shares a photo on Instagram, his comment section is flooded with admiring messages from swooning female followers. However, their hopes of one day becoming Mrs. Hubbard were likely dashed when he dropped hints about being off the market in early 2023.

Bad News Ladies! Sam Hubbard’s Hot Girlfriend is Jessica Koehler

Sam Hubbard's Girlfriend is Jessica Koehler

In February 2023, Hubbard shared an Instagram carousel documenting his week, which included a few cozy snapshots with a stunning brunette later identified as Jessica “Jess” Koehler. The intimate nature of the photos left little doubt that they were more than just friends. Cue the collective heartbreak among Hubbard’s female fan base!

The comment section was a mix of dismay and denial, with reactions like:

“I look different in these pictures 👀”

“And then…every unmarried woman in Cincinnati cried in unison.”

While some didn’t want to accept the harsh reality, others simply wished Hubbard well, like this succinct comment: “If you’re happy, I’m happy brother.”

Popular IG Comments on Sam’s Post with Jessica:

  • “Omg who is the gorgeous girl?? 😍”
  • “Noooo not another NFL player off the market!”
  • “You both make a beautiful couple!”

A Thirst Trap for the Ages

Let’s rewind to that fateful February Instagram post that sent shockwaves through Hubbard’s vast admirer base. Among the carousel of images were two particular shots that really riled people up.

The first shows the muscular Bengals star standing outdoors sporting a sleeveless tee, surrounded by beautiful nature scenery. Hubbard gazes intently at the camera with his signature brooding expression and tousled locks. Swoon-worthy stuff for sure.

However, it was the next photo that confirmed he was officially off the market. Sam and a lovely long-haired brunette woman are snuggled up close together, her head resting on his chest with their arms wrapped around each other in a warm embrace. Both are beaming from ear-to-ear with bright, content smiles.

While the post’s caption made no direct mention of the woman’s identity, it was undeniably clear these two were an item based on their intimate body language.

“Well, there goes our last chance at becoming Bengal babe wives,” one deflated fan wrote. Another cheekily asked, “What’s her @? No reason…”

The comments were flooded with demands to know more about this mystery woman who had successfully locked down the big cuddly defensive lineman. It wasn’t long before sleuths across Bengals Nation had her name: Jessica Koehler.

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Sam and Jess Knew Each Other Since College at Ohio State

So just how long has the Sam Hubbard/Jessica Koehler romance been going on? Turns out, the lovebirds have known each other since attending Ohio State University around 2014-2018, where Hubbard was a star defensive lineman for the Buckeyes football team.

According to shared connections, Sam and Jess started dating in college after being introduced through mutual friends. Their relationship has stood the test of time as Hubbard pursued his NFL dreams, being drafted by the Bengals in 2018.

“They used to be this awesome college couple that everyone admired on campus. It’s so great to see them still going strong years later,” said a former Ohio State classmate.

A Collegiate Courtship

While specific details of how Hubbard and Koehler’s love story began are private, those close to the couple have offered up some insights into their early days as an undergrad pair at the Big 10 school.

“Sam and Jess had this crazy undeniable chemistry from the moment they met,” recalled Sam’s former Ohio State roommate and teammate, Dwayne Hendricks. “They were attached at the hip pretty much right away.”

Hendricks recounts how the two were absolutely smitten yet managed to keep things relatively low-key despite Hubbard’s fame as a football star.

“They never made a huge spectacle out of their relationship, at least not in front of us. But you could just tell by the way Sam looked at Jess that she was his whole world already.”

The tight-knit group did plenty of double dates and group hangouts, with Hendricks describing Koehler as “the cool, laid-back girl next door type who just got along with everyone.”

By their senior year, Hubbard had emerged as a top NFL prospect that scouts were raving about. While an exciting future in professional football awaited him, sources close to the couple say Hubbard’s priority was making things work long-distance with his college sweetheart after graduation.

As one mutual friend put it, “The biggest determining factor for Sam wasn’t going to be which team drafted him, but whether Jess could come along for the ride wherever he ended up.”

Who is Sam Hubbard’s Girlfriend Jessica Koehler?

Beyond being the significant other of a professional athlete, Jessica Koehler is an accomplished career woman in her own right. The Cincinnati-based beauty currently works as an Area Sales Manager at Artemis Distribution, a cannabis distribution company.

A Girl’s Girl with Brains and Beauty

While the world is just now learning about Jessica Koehler as Sam Hubbard’s better half, those who know her best describe an ambitious, down-to-earth woman with an effortless cool-girl vibe.

“Jess is seriously such a sweetheart – beautiful inside and out but not stuck-up about it at all,” said longtime friend Brianna Peterson. “She’s the cool girl at the party who can hang with the guys just as well as her girlfriends.”

Peterson, who first met Koehler during their freshman year at Ohio State, has witnessed her transition from a fun-loving college student to a focused career woman over the years.

“For as much as she loves getting dolled up and having a good time, Jess is also crazy driven and took her studies seriously. She was always one of the students going above and beyond to get those A’s.”

That strong work ethic has undoubtedly played a role in Koehler’s professional success after graduating with a Business Marketing degree from Ohio State in 2018. Her rapid upward trajectory at Artemis Distribution is proof positive.

“Jess brings so much poise and positive energy to our workplace. She’s an invaluable asset who sets a great leadership example for her team,” praised Artemis coworker Taylor Biggs.

Biggs added that Koehler has a knack for keeping things fun and light-hearted even during stressful periods, often busting out a self-deprecating dad joke or starting an impromptu dance party when energy is lagging.

“She literally walks through the halls singing some days,” Biggs said with a laugh. “Such a dork, but we love that about her!”

Sam Hubbard’s GF Jess is a Working Professional

Here’s a quick overview of Jessica Koehler’s career journey:

  • 2019-2020: Sales Administrative Assistant at Cresco Labs
  • 2020-2021: Sales Associate at GOAT Climb and Cryo
  • 2021-2022: Client Relations Coordinator at Selective Search
  • 2022-2023: Strategic Accounts Field Trainer at Artemis Distribution
  • Current Role: Area Sales Manager at Artemis Distribution (Since Aug 2023)

“Jess is extremely driven and talented. She continually exceeds targets and provides outstanding leadership to her sales team,” raved Tracy Reynolds, Regional VP of Sales at Artemis Distribution.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Koehler is an avid fitness enthusiast who prioritizes an active, healthy lifestyle. You can often find her workout selfies and nutritious recipe posts on Instagram.

“Keeping up with Sam’s fitness regimen is probably a motivator for Jess too,” Peterson noted. “Those two seriously could be fitness models!”

Fans Want Sam to Marry His Babe Jessica Koehler, ASAP!

Now that the cat’s out of the bag about Hubbard’s longtime girlfriend, fans have a new mission: pressuring the couple to make things official and tie the knot! Ever since news of their relationship went public, the pleas for Hubbard to put a ring on Koehler’s finger have been pouring in.

A video circulating on TikTok shows Jessica and Joe Burrow’s girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher being playfully harrassed by fans chanting “We want rings! We want rings!” during a public outing. The enthusiastic shippers are clearly eager to watch their favorite NFL studs walk down the aisle.

“Seeing Sam and Jessica’s chemistry, they’re absolutely soulmates! I really hope we get to see them get married soon,” commented an admirer on Hubbard’s IG.

A Match Made for the Happily Ever After Books

By all accounts, Hubbard and Koehler’s lasting bond is the quintessential example of high school sweethearts who make it through the ups and downs of college and into prosperous adult lives together – still just as smitten as day one.

Those closest to the couple have no doubts whatsoever that wedding bells are simply the next logical step in their fairy tale journey. Hubbard’s aforementioned former roomie, Dwayne Hendricks, knows his old pal has been well and truly whipped for the better part of a decade.

“I’m telling you, Jess had Sam wrapped around her finger even back when we were all dumb kids just figuring life out,” Hendricks reminisced with a chuckle. “That’s the thing about them though – they just get each other in a way not many couples do, you know?”

He describes their dynamic as the classic case of “opposites attract.” While Hubbard could be moody and rather intense at times, Koehler’s laidback, sunny disposition was the perfect complement to keep him balanced. Meanwhile, her easygoing nature benefited from Sam’s laser-focused drive and ambition.

“He always brought out Jess’ competitive fire on the occasions she did get riled up about something,Hendricks recalled. “And she knew exactly how to calm him down and crack his super serious demeanor with a goofy joke or prank.”

In Hendricks’ view, the fact that their relationship has only grown stronger through distance, career transitions, and all the stresses of post-grad life is proof they’re simply “meant to be.”

“I really can’t imagine either of them being as happy or as successful as they’ve become without having one another’s unconditional love and support as motivation,” he reflected. “Their hearts have basically been married for years – Sam just needs to make it officially official already!”

Will They Or Won’t They? Fans Buzzing About an Imminent #HubbardWedding

Back in eager Bengals Nation, fevered speculation about an upcoming Hubbard-Koehler wedding has reached a roiling boil ever since tantalizing social media “clues” began to surface. In the social media era of constant status updates, these prospective clues are being grilled under a microscope.

A few months back, eagle-eyed fans started dissecting Koehler’s Instagram activity looking for any subtle hints that she was soon-to-be betrothed. When she posted a photo dump from her cousin’s nuptials with the cheeky caption “Catching all the bouquets…practise makes perfect right?! 💐 👰‍♀️” followers went wild speculating it was her way of shooting a shot across Sam’s bow.

Hubbard then kicked the rumor mill into overdrive by commenting a suggestive “👀” emoji on the wedding content, sending Bengals fans into full meltdown mode.

“Omg Sam just propositioned Jess with those eye emojis!! 👀 An engagement is imminent!!” one person tweeted excitedly.

Others began dissecting his outfit choices, with one potentially meaningful observation: “Sam hasn’t worn his cross necklace in any of his pics with Jess lately 👀Storing it away for the ring maybe?!”

More recently, Koehler’s Instagram stories from her recent birthday weekend sparked another spike in wedding chatter when she posted a video montage set to the audio “Best Day Ever” – a popular tune for bride-themed TikTok edits and Reels. Her caption teased “Living my best life with mybestie 🥰”

Comments immediately began rolling in like “Omg another video hinting at her wanting to be a bride??” and “SHE WANTS TO GET MARRIED SO BAD THIS YEAR!”

For every piece of flimsy “evidence” like Koehler’s bridal party-heavy Pinterest board or Hubbard’s increased frequency of “Love you babe” captions, there are just as many doubtful voices pumping the brakes. And for every rumor or anonymous “insider” claiming they’ve already gotten secretly hitched, the bashful couple clams up or dismisses it with a cryptic “no comments” statement.

Bottom line: the relentless #HubbardWedding rumor saga rages on as fans hungrily await any sign of a legit announcement from the beloved duo. Given the ladies’ effusive adoration for Hubbard, you can be sure the rejoicing will be earth-shattering when (and if) he finally goes public with his intention to marry Koehler.

Until then? The thirsty watchful waiting continues, with every Instagram post or event appearance placed under the most intense scrutiny. That’s just life in the public eye when you’re dating one of sports’ most eligible bachelors, we suppose!

While we don’t have a wedding date to share yet, if the intense fan frenzy is any indication, the big day may indeed be right around the corner for the longtime lovebirds. One thing’s for sure – whenever Sam Hubbard decides to make Jessica his wife, the streets of Cincinnati will be lined with well-wishers!

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