Orangetheory Fitness Class Schedule – Comprehensive Guide

The heart-pumping, calorie-torching workouts of Orangetheory Fitness have taken the fitness world by storm. This science-backed, high-intensity interval training combines cardiovascular and strength elements to drive your heart rate into peak calorie-burning zones for amazing results. 

But with diverse class formats and schedules, understanding your Orangetheory options is crucial for an effective routine. This guide covers everything you need to know to maximize your OTF membership.

Decoding the Orangetheory Class Formats

At the heart of Orangetheory are three core workout components that blend seamlessly in their classes:

  1. Treadmill: Whether you’re a walker or a runner, the treadmill segments incorporate inclines and speeds to spike your heart rate and torch calories.
  2. Rowing: Low-impact but high-intensity rowing works your entire body for a serious cardio challenge.
  3. Floor Work: Using TRX suspension training, free weights, and bodyweight exercises to build strength and endurance.

These components are packaged into different class formats:

Orange 60/45/90: The numbers indicate the class duration – 60, 45, or 90 minutes.

2G vs 3G Classes: In 2G (2 Group) classes, the room splits into two groups rotating between treadmills/rowers and floor work. 3G has three rotating groups.

Specialized Classes:

  • Lift 45 (now Strength 50) focuses solely on strength training and floor work.
  • Tread 50 keeps you on the treadmill for 50 minutes of running/walking endurance.

This variety lets you emphasize different goals while shocking your body to avoid plateaus.

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When Are Orangetheory Classes Offered?

When Are Orangetheory Classes Offered?

Most OTF studios open very early around 5am to catch the morning crew. But you’ll find a good spread of weekday classes throughout the morning, midday, and after work until evening hours.

Weekend schedules can be more limited, with some studios closed and others offering an adjusted lineup like a Signature Workout event.

Class times ultimately vary by location based on member demand and instructor availability. So your best bet is to:

  1. Check the Orangetheory app
  2. Follow your local studio’s social media
  3. Reference in-studio schedules

Pro tip: Reserve your spot on the app because classes can fill up fast!

How Many OTF Classes Per Week?

How Many OTF Classes Per Week?

The Orangetheory sweet spot is 3-5 classes per week for most members’ fitness levels and goals. This frequency allows your body to achieve a training effect while getting adequate recovery between sessions.

For example, a balanced weekly schedule could look like:


  • Monday: Orange 60 2G
  • Wednesday: Lift 45
  • Friday: Orange 45 3G


  • Monday: Orange 60 3G
  • Tuesday: Tread 50
  • Thursday: Lift 45
  • Saturday: Orange 90


  • Monday: Orange 90
  • Tuesday: Tread 50
  • Thursday: Orange 60 3G
  • Friday: Lift 45
  • Sunday: Signature Workout

The key is listening to your body. Beginners may want to start with 2-3 classes while advanced members could handle up to 6 per week with proper rest and nutrition.

Getting the Most Out of Your Workouts

To take your Orangetheory experience to the next level:

✔️Arrive Early: Get set up, hydrate, and settle in so you’re ready at start time.

✔️Communicate With Coaches: Tell them your goals, limitations, and experience level for personalized guidance.

✔️Bring the Right Gear: Quality shoes, heart rate monitor, towel, water bottle, and option to rent weights.

✔️Fuel Up: Proper pre- and post-workout nutrition powers you through while helping recovery.

✔️Use Heart Rate Data: Orangetheory’s system tracks your Splat Points to gauge effort and calorie burn. Aim for 12+ points per class.

✔️Celebrate Milestones: Whether it’s total Splat Points, running distance, or strength PRs – recognize your hard work!

And most importantly – keep showing up consistently while having fun!


How many Orangetheory classes should I do a week?

For most members, 3-5 classes per week is the optimal range to improve fitness while allowing recovery between sessions.

How are Orangetheory classes structured? 

Classes combine treadmill, rowing, and floor segments in a 2G (two group rotation) or 3G (three group rotation) format.

What is the 12 Days of Fitness Orangetheory? 

A special signature workout released each December featuring 12 days of extra challenging routines.

How many days should I workout at Orangetheory? 

Most trainers recommend 3-5 days for an effective routine at the average fitness level. Adjust up or down based on your experience.

The variety, science, and energy of Orangetheory make it an incredibly effective workout for all fitness levels. By understanding their diverse class formats and schedules, you can craft the perfect routine to reach your goals.

So locate your closest Orangetheory studio, download the app, and get ready to experience the EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) drive that’s taking the fitness world by storm!

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