What you need to know about the Orangetheory Class Cancellation policy

Decided to skip that upcoming Orangetheory Fitness class? You’ll want to read this first about their strict cancellation rules and fees. Orangetheory has some of the strictest class cancellation and no-show policies around to ensure their group sessions run smoothly.

This guide covers everything you need to know so you don’t get slapped with surprise charges.

Orangetheory’s 8-Hour Class Cancellation Window Explained

At the core of Orangetheory’s cancellation policy is the crucial 8-hour window. You must cancel your class at least 8 hours before the scheduled start time, or else you’ll be hit with a late cancellation fee.

Most Orangetheory studios charge a late class fee of around $12-$18 if you cancel less than 8 hours in advance. While the exact fee amount can vary by location, the 8-hour window is strictly enforced across all Orangetheory Fitness studios.

So why such a strict policy? It’s designed to limit no-shows and open up spots for members on the waitlist. Many OTF classes have limited capacity, so a last-minute cancellation could prevent someone else from taking that slot. The fee aims to make members conscious about their commitment.

As one Reddit user commented, “It’s been explained to me that the ‘system’ automatically makes the charge if you cancel less than 8 hours in advance and the staff have no say in that process. If it’s true, it’s certainly a ‘glitch’ in said system.”

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What Happens If I’m a No-Show?

Failing to show up (being a no-show) to your scheduled Orangetheory class results in the same consequences as a late cancellation – you’ll be charged that $12-$18 late fee.

But it gets even stricter – if you’re more than 5 minutes late to your scheduled class, you actually lose your spot! So not only are you paying for the missed class, but you aren’t even allowed to attend at that point.

As Orangetheory states directly, “Even if you appear five minutes late after the class, you will lose your position in the class. You will be charged the fee, and the class will be counted as taken!

How to Properly Cancel a Class

How to Properly Cancel a Class

To avoid those pesky late cancellation fees, you need to cancel your upcoming class properly and before the 8-hour window closes. Here are the approved methods:

OTF Mobile App

  1. Open the Orangetheory mobile app
  2. Go to the “Classes” section
  3. Find your upcoming scheduled class
  4. Tap the three dots (…)
  5. Select “Cancel Class
  6. Confirm cancellation

As long as you complete this process more than 8 hours before the class start time, your cancellation will be approved with no extra fees.

Call the Studio

Some studios also allow you to cancel directly by phone. However, you still need to call at least 8 hours before your scheduled class time. The staff cannot override or waive the 8-hour policy.

Tip: If you need to switch class times rather than fully cancel, some studios will allow you to reschedule without a fee if done before the 8-hour window. Check with your local studio, but rescheduling is often preferable to outright cancelling if possible.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Policy?

In general, Orangetheory has a strict “no exceptions” policy when it comes to late cancellation and no-show fees across all membership types. However, a few studios may offer some flexibility in true personal emergency or medical situations if you communicate directly with them.

For example, if you get in a car accident on your way to class, a sympathetic manager may waive the fee that one time with proper documentation. But expecting any courtesies is not recommended – Orangetheory firmly enforces its 8-hour cancellation policy in the vast majority of circumstances.

FAQs on OrangeTheory’s Cancellation Policy

How hard is it to cancel an Orangetheory membership? Cancelling your full Orangetheory membership is relatively straightforward – you just need to provide written notice, usually 30-60 days in advance based on your membership agreement. However, expect to pay any remaining balance owed.

What happens if you don’t show up to an Orangetheory class? As mentioned, being a no-show results in the same $12-$18 late cancellation fee. You also lose your spot in the class after just 5 minutes.

How long can I freeze my Orangetheory membership? Most studios allow you to freeze or put your Orangetheory membership on hold for a few months at a time, often for a nominal fee. The exact freeze policies vary per location.

How long do Orangetheory classes expire? If you have a class pack membership, those pre-paid classes typically expire after 6-12 months from purchase. However, some studios extend the expiration for things like medical issues – it’s best to check your home studio’s policies.

Beating the System – Tips for Avoiding Cancellation Fees

Getting slapped with constant Orangetheory late cancellation fees is no fun. To avoid those charges, keep these tips in mind:

  • Schedule classes responsibly – Only book classes when you know you’ll be fully available at that date/time
  • Try rescheduling instead of cancelling – See if your studio allows you to move your class rather than cancel
  • Use class packs/memberships – If offered, these limited class packs eliminate ongoing fees
  • Communicate with the staff – For true personal emergencies, politely explain the situation. Some may show leniency.

The key is being conscious of Orangetheory’s strict 8-hour cancellation window and either committing to those reserved class times or cancelling properly in advance. Following their policies to a T is the best way to maximize your membership without getting bogged down by frustrating fees.

At the end of the day, Orangetheory’s cancellation rules exist to uphold the integrity of their group workout sessions. A few $12-$18 charges here and there for blatant last-minute cancellations is a small price to pay for the overall workout experience. So set those phone reminders, schedule classes carefully, and get ready to push your heart rate into those infamous “Orange Zones!”

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