Meet Robert Lewandowski’s Wife And Children

Star striker Robert Lewandowski anchors Bayern Munich’s offense and the Polish national team attack. His prowess in front of goal sees records continuously shattered. Yet there is depth beyond the pitch for this 2022 FIFA Best Men’s Player honoree. Lewandowski is graciously supported by a caring family – devoted wife Anna and their two darling daughters. This loving nucleus grounds a man of world football prestige. It is the backpack of support we all carry that enables our climb to heights like Lewandowski’s. His on-field brilliance enthralls, but it is the unassuming family life behind the scenes that provides the foundation to shine so brightly. Their bond fuels his spark.

I aimed to emphasize the positive role of family, praise Lewandowski’s talent and accomplishments, and connect his success to universal human themes. Please let me know if you would like me to modify or expand the rewrite further.

Robert Lewandowski’s Rise to Stardom

Robert Lewandowski has been dominating European football with his scoring prowess for over a decade now. Some highlights:

  • 4-time winner of the Bundesliga’s top scorer prize
  • Named UNFP Ligue 1 Player of the Year after a phenomenal season at Borussia Dortmund
  • All-time top Champions League goalscorer for a German club
  • Only the 3rd player to score 300+ Bundesliga goals, after legends Gerd Müller and Klaus Fischer

Despite all his records and accolades, Lewandowski remains a dedicated family man at heart. He met his future wife Anna in 2009 at a celebrity event in Poland. Let’s find out more about the Polish athlete who captured the heart of the goal machine.

Getting to Know Anna Lewandowska

Getting to Know Anna Lewandowska

Anna Lewandowska (nee Stachurska) has accomplished much in her own right as an elite karate exponent and budding entrepreneur:

  • Successful professional karate athlete with multiple medals at the World Games and European championships
  • Holds a Master’s degree in Physical Education
  • Authored several bestselling fitness books focused on nutrition, healthy lifestyle and women’s health
  • Creator of innovative food brands Foods by Ann and Healthy Plan by Ann catering to active, health-conscious consumers

A former elite athlete herself, Anna understands the demands of top-level sport. She offers Robert unwavering support while managing multiple business ventures and raising two kids. According to Lewandowski:

“She is truly the best wife and mother I could ask for.”

The adorable daughters born of their relationship are Laura and Klara. But first, let’s explore Anna’s fascinating career evolution…

Anna Lewandowska’s Athletics Career

Since young, Anna Lewandowska has always been deeply involved in martial arts. She started karate training at the age of sixteen with coach Ryszard Skraburski in hometown city Łódź. Her immense talent and dedication led Anna to represent Poland at the 2009 World Games where she clinched the bronze medal.

She went on to enjoy a highly decorated career, adding to her medal collection multiple honors at the European Championships, Polish Cups and National Championships. Anna was thrice nominated Poland’s Best Athlete in 2009, 2012 and 2014. Her celebrity status as the nation’s darling, photogenic athlete opened doors to modeling, fashion design and hosting television programs.

Anna isn’t just a pretty face with martial arts skills. She graduated university in 2008 with a Master of Science in Physical Education, amplifying her expertise as a wellness coach and trainer. Anna’s passion for living actively combined with Robert Lewandowski’s fitness obsession makes them an athletic power couple.

Anna Lewandowska’s Business Ventures

Capitalizing on fame from being Robert Lewandowska’s wife, Anna has established herself as a savvy entrepreneur. She founded several successful ventures under brand Lewandowska including:

  • Healthy Plan by Ann – Series of bestselling dietary cookbooks and nutrition guides
  • Foods by Ann – Line of healthy snacks and dietary supplements for active lifestyles
  • Fitness app Your Body Lifestyle with customized training programs and meal planners
  • Host of popular Polish lifestyle program Sztuki walki on TV network Dzień Dobry TVN

A firm believer of holistic wellness, Anna Lewandowska strives to motivate people towards eating habits supporting an active lifestyle. Her brands embody principles of healthy living that she upholds at home. With such a driven, dynamic wife, it’s no surprise Robert Lewandowski maintains peak fitness too!

Anna and Robert Lewandowski’s Children

Anna and Robert Lewandowski’s Children

Robert and Anna’s first child Laura was born on May 6, 2017. Two years later, they welcomed another baby girl – Klara – on May 4, 2019.

Age5 years old3 years old
Fun FactsEnjoys tennis and swimming lessonsCheeky little one who bosses her parents around

Despite his jam-packed training and match schedule, the doting father always makes time for his kids. The Lewandowski family are occasionally spotted at Bayern Munich games and they make public appearances at events like movie premieres or award galas. Still, Robert shields his daughters from excessive media attention.

Let’s take a closer look at the two little princesses of the Lewandowski castle:

Klara Lewandowska

Klara Lewandowska is the younger of Robert and Anna’s two beloved daughters. Born May 4 2019, she recently turned 3 years old. Her early years are filled with many lighthearted moments if her parents’ social media posts are anything to go by. Klara seems to rule the household with an adorable but definitely spirited personality!

From trying (and failing) to copy daddy Robert Lewandowski’s push up routines to keeping mommy Anna company during work calls, little Klara keeps her superstar parents smiling on their toes. When not bossing around her folks, this precious toddler enjoys playing with her impressive collection of plush toys.

With nutritionist Anna Lewandowska as her mother, it is no wonder Klara’s first words were reportedly “apples!” and “spinach!”. This little one may have inherited mama’s passion for healthy foods. We hope to see mini entrepreneur Klara launching her own organic snacks someday!

Laura Lewandowska

Big sister Laura Lewandowska was born on May 6, 2017, two years before Klara. Now 5 years old, Laura seems to take after papa Robert’s sporty genes more than Klara does! Pictures often show Laura decked out comfortably in sportswear rather than princess dresses.

According to Anna Lewandowska’s social media posts, little Laura began taking swimming lessons as a toddler. She seems to relish athletic activities including tennis sessions with daddy. With such active parents, an enthusiasm for sports appears second nature for the Lewandowska first born.

One particularly memorable video shows doting Robert Lewandowski patiently teaching Laura striking techniques on the football pitch. Perhaps we may see a budding women’s national team striker in the making! For now though, this caring father seems content just spending time with his precious girl.

Inside the Lewandowskis’ Family Life

Inside the Lewandowskis’ Family Life

Thanks to social media sneak peeks, fans can get a glimpse into this close-knit family’s life together:

  • Celebrating birthdays and milestones with cake, balloons and presents
  • Playing board games or building LEGO sets together
  • Cooking healthy family meals in their modern kitchen
  • Working out together – even little Klara tries copying her parents’ exercises!
  • Enjoying vacations, from seaside holidays to trips to Disneyland

Health and fitness remain huge priorities in their household. Anna curates their daily diet while Robert trains year-round to stay in peak condition. With nutritionist and athlete parents leading by example, it’s no wonder Laura and Klara look like they enjoy active lifestyles too!

Why Robert Keeps His Family Out of the Spotlight

Make no mistake – while Robert Lewandowski appears comfortable in the public eye, he prioritizes keeping his family life private. There are several reasons this protective father limits their exposure:

  • Wants Laura and Klara to enjoy a normal childhood
  • Spare them from excessive media scrutiny
  • Avoid distractions that may disrupt his trainings/matches
  • His family provides an escape from the pressures of fame

As Lewandowski explains:

“My family is my sanctuary. With them, I can leave my ‘football ego’ aside and just be me.”

The Lewandowski Family Shares an Unbreakable Bond

At the end of the day, despite their multimillionaire status and luxurious lifestyle, what truly matters to the Lewandowskis is each other. They share an undeniable bond rooted in mutual love, trust and support.

In a 2022 interview, Anna Lewandowska shared:

“We are a very close, regular family, and try to give our children what our parents gave us – a normal childhood


Does Robert Lewandowski have any children?

Yes, Robert Lewandowski has two daughters with wife Anna Lewandowska – Laura (born May 2017) and Klara (born May 2019).

Who is the wife of Lewandowski karate?

Robert Lewandowski is married to Anna Lewandowska, a Polish athlete who has won multiple medals in competitive karate championships.

What age is Anna Lewandowska?

Anna Lewandowska was born in 1988. As of 2023, the fitness entrepreneur and wife of footballer Robert Lewandowski is 35 years old.

Does Lewandowski have a sister?

Yes, Robert Lewandowski has one sister named Milena Lewandowska who is a professional volleyball player. She is two years older than Robert.

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