Meet Mason Greenwood’s Parents, Melanie and Andrew Greenwood

Mason Greenwood has emerged as a skilled young footballer for Manchester United. But few fans know much about the two people who’ve witnessed Mason’s journey from the very start: his dedicated parents, Melanie and Andrew Greenwood. Let’s explore the background and key role Mason’s parents have played behind the scenes.

Where is Mason Greenwood Originally From?

Mason Greenwood hails originally from the Bradford area town of Wibsey in West Yorkshire. Bradford is familiar for manufacturing during the industrial revolution. Today, it remains a diverse metropolitan area not far from major city Leeds.

It was here in Wibsey where English footballer Mason Greenwood grew up as the only son of Jamaican parents Andrew and Melanie. From a young age kicking the football in Wibsey Park, few imagined one of the city’s own would reach Europe’s biggest football stage. But behind every great player is a supportive family – and for Mason, that started with mum Melanie and dad Andrew.

What is Mason Greenwood’s Parents’ Nationality?

What is Mason Greenwood’s Parents’ Nationality?

While footballer Mason Greenwood plays internationally for England, his parents Andrew and Melanie actually hail from Jamaica.

They emigrated in the mid-1990s, settling in West Yorkshire to start their family. As son Mason climbed the academy ranks at Manchester United, journalists have explored his potential to represent England or Jamaica. However as La Liga club Getafe once asked: “with Jamaica do I play for my parents or my grandparents?” Ultimately Mason chose England, but maintains close ties to Jamaican relatives.

Who is Melanie Greenwood?

As Mason’s proud mother and homemaker, Melanie Greenwood raised the budding footballer with qualities like discipline and respect. Those close to the family praise Melanie for teaching life skills beyond football and keeping teenage Mason grounded, even as his profile rose. She was reportedly hesitant about Mason leaving school at 16, but supported his football dreams when Manchester United offered a professional contract.

Melanie continues providing Mason a safe, loving household base today amidst the pressures of Premier League football. At Mason’s matches, Melanie prefers to avoid the spotlight, letting the focus remain on her son’s talents on the pitch rather than parents or other family members. When not caring for her only son, Melanie leads a quiet life centered on faith and family.

Who is Andrew Greenwood?

Who is Andrew Greenwood?

Andrew Greenwood, father of footballer Mason Greenwood, also helped shape the work ethic that accelerated his son’s ascent in football. An engineer by trade, Andrew imparted qualities like commitment, resilience, and humility despite Mason’s early stardom.

Even when Mason entered Manchester United’s academy at just 4 years old, his father ensured Mason’s childhood included other passions like horse-riding alongside intensive football training. Over the years shuttling Mason to sessions, Andrew fostered a balanced home life rather than pushing sports above all else. It’s an approach that contributed to Mason’s well-rounded nature beyond the pitch.

How Did Mason Greenwood’s Parents Support His Football Career?

From an early age, Andrew and Melanie Greenwood sacrificed greatly to advance Mason’s football ability. When it became clear their young son exhibited a prodigious talent, they supported Mason’s intensive training despite the major time and money dedication this required.

This meant ferrying Mason to training sessions hours away as he rose up Manchester United’s youth academy. Even at a young age, Mason’s ability shone brightly enough to warrant the extra effort from his loyal parents.

As teenage Mason signed his first Manchester United contract, Melanie and Andrew faced a difficult decision. While they preferred Mason finish school first, they made the parental sacrifice by allowing him to pursue football full-time at just 16 years old. That level of family support at crucial junctures allowed Mason’s career to progress swiftly to the heights its reached today.

Who Are Mason Greenwood’s Siblings?

In contrast to some footballers with many siblings, Mason’s parents decided to focus their resources on raising one child – Mason himself. Because Melanie gave birth to him later in life, she experienced a difficult pregnancy with their first and only child.

Rather than risk further complicated pregnancies, Andrew and Melanie chose to cherish the blessing of their healthy baby boy Mason. While that meant Mason grew up without siblings at home, it allowed Melanie and Andrew to wholly dedicate themselves to nurturing their son’s talents and providing a comfortable upbringing.


Who are Mason Greenwood’s parents?

Mason Greenwood’s parents are Melanie and Andrew Greenwood. Both originally from Jamaica, they emigrated to West Yorkshire before Mason was born and raised him in the town of Wibsey.

Has Mason Greenwood got a sister?

No, Mason Greenwood does not have any siblings. His mother Melanie had a difficult pregnancy with Mason and did not risk further complicated pregnancies later in life. Mason grew up as an only child.

Who is Mason Greenwood’s partner?

Mason Greenwood does not currently have a confirmed public partner. There has been speculation around potential girlfriends, but Mason himself has not formally acknowledged a relationship. He tends to keep his dating life private.

What happened to Greenwood Manchester United?

In January 2022, Mason Greenwood was arrested and charged with attempted rape, controlling behaviour, and assault. This led Manchester United to suspend him indefinitely from training or matches until further notice. The outcome of the ongoing case is still pending.


Without his devoted parents Melanie and Andrew sacrificing behind the scenes, footballer Mason Greenwood’s ascent may have followed a different trajectory. From their Jamaican roots to providing Mason unconditional support, the Greenwood parents gave their talented only child the foundation to reach the highest echelons of European football. Remember, behind every great athlete often stands an equally dedicated family support network off the field. For Mason Greenwood, he will always owe immense gratitude to parents Melanie and Andrew for their instrumental role in his journey to football stardom.

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