How Many Children Does Rapper Lil Baby Have in 2023?

Rapper Lil Baby has risen to fame over the past few years with hit songs like “Yes Indeed”, “Drip Too Hard”, and “Woah”. But behind the flashy jewelry and lyrics about wealth, many fans are curious—how many kids does Lil Baby have?

The Atlanta-based rap artist has two sons with two different mothers. Let’s take a closer look at Lil Baby’s children and his relationships with their mothers.

Meet Lil Baby’s First Baby Mama: Ayesha Little

Meet Lil Baby’s First Baby Mama: Ayesha Little

Lil Baby dated Ayesha Little for several years before the couple split. Not much is known publicly about Ayesha as she keeps a low profile compared to Lil Baby’s other baby mama Jayda Cheaves. But from her Instagram account, we can glean some insight into who she is.

Ayesha’s Instagram handle is @ayeshalittle where she has over 95,000 followers. On her page she posts modelling photos along with pictures of her spending time with Jason, who she gave birth to on February 9th, 2013. It’s clear Ayesha dotes on Jason and praises his budding talents.

So who is Jason’s father, Lil Baby? Born Dominique Armani Jones, Lil Baby grew up in the Bankhead neighborhood of west Atlanta, Georgia. He had a rough upbringing getting involved with local street gangs and serving two years in prison on a drug charge.

However, after meeting rapper Young Thug, Lil Baby was inspired to take music more seriously. He rose to fame quickly with his 2018 mixtape “Harder Than Ever” reaching #3 on the Billboard charts. Now Lil Baby is considered one of the biggest names in trap music.

“My oldest son Jason, he can rap…He got way more money than me. He got more money than me already. He get $10 a week if he do right.” – Lil Baby

Lil Baby is clearly proud of his oldest son’s musical talents. And it seems Jason also inherited some business savvy from his famous dad scoring a hefty $10 weekly allowance at just age 10!

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Meet Lil Baby’s Second Baby Mama: Jayda Cheaves

Meet Lil Baby’s Second Baby Mama: Jayda Cheaves

In 2017, Lil Baby began a well-publicized relationship with Instagram model Jayda Cheaves. Jayda grew up in Waycross, Georgia where she was a multi-sport athlete in high school running track and playing basketball. She has leveraged her social media following into becoming an entrepreneur and influencer.

Lil Baby and Jayda dated on-and-off for years. But the details of their personal relationship mostly stayed behind closed doors. That is until Jayda announced she was pregnant in 2018 at age 20.

On February 22nd, 2019, Jayda gave birth to her and Lil Baby’s son, Loyal Armani. Lil Baby already had experience as a dad, but still gushed with excitement at welcoming another son.

“My youngest son just turned the big ONE! Man life goes by fast…” – Lil Baby via Instagram

Both parents use social media to give fans a glimpse into Loyal’s life whether its birthday parties, playground trips, or just cute candid moments.

It’s clear that despite Jayda and Lil Baby’s complicated history as a couple, they put aside differences to co-parent baby Loyal together.

Does Lil Baby Have a Daughter?

Does Lil Baby Have a Daughter?

There have been rumors floating around online alleging Lil Baby has a secret daughter he does not publicly claim. Various blog sites and YouTubers have speculated about tweets and lyrics pointing to a possible baby girl.

However, the rapper has never confirmed these rumors himself. As of now, all evidence points to Lil Baby only having his two sons Jason and Loyal with no daughter currently. Some fans theorize he may want a baby girl someday to dote on given how much he seems to cherish being a present father.

For now Lil Baby appears content focusing his fatherly attention on his boys. But, his fans continue looking for any clues pointing to a daughter.

Where Are Lil Baby’s Baby Mamas Now?

Co-parenting can be challenging for any family, let alone when one parent is an A-list celebrity. However both of Lil Baby’s baby mamas seem to make it work while also cultivating their own careers and interests.

Ayesha Little

Lil Baby’s first baby mama Ayesha Little continues to maintain a relatively private personal life compared to Jayda Cheaves. She posts modeling photos on Instagram along with occasional snaps with Jason.

It seems Ayesha wants to give Jason a fairly normal childhood despite his dad being a famous rapper. She evenly splits parenting duties with Lil Baby who makes sure to be highly involved in Jason’s life.

Jayda Cheaves

Meanwhile, Jayda Cheaves balances life as a mom to baby Loyal while continuing to grow her fashion boutiques and YouTube channel “Jayda Wayda”. She models her own athleisure-wear line and shares style tips with over 1 million YouTube subscribers.

On her family channel, Jayda documents all the big milestones for Loyal from trying new foods, playdates with friends, trips to Disney, and more.

It offers fans a sneak peek into the joy and challenges of raising Loyal while maintaining an amicable co-parenting bond with ex Lil Baby.

Being Loyal’s mom is my greatest blessing. My angel baby...” – Jayda via Instagram

Lil Baby also makes cameos lifting weights with baby Loyal and bringing him onstage at shows. Despite a past breakup, Lil Baby and Jayda put on a united front to give their son the best life possible.

Lil Baby’s Thoughts on Fatherhood and Family

Lil Baby's Thoughts on Fatherhood and Family

In interviews, Lil Baby opens up about the joys and challenges of balancing life as a hands-on dad and a chart-topping rap artist.

On seeing his kids grow up he shares:

“It’s a wonderful feeling. I got me one of them, well, two of them now. And they keep you going. They give me the motivation.”

He also talks about making sure to carve out time from his demanding schedule stating:

It gets difficult sometimes with rehearsals or being on the road, but family always comes first for me.

And Lil Baby emphasizes the importance of presence over presents:

“Being there for everything is what matters — the small things, not just buying gifts and toys and stuff.”

It’s obvious that despite past struggles Lil Baby has with his children’s mothers, being a father is one of his top priorities. 

He is determined to be a consistent role model for both Jason and Loyal as they grow older whether from near or far.

Who Are the Mothers of All Lil Baby’s Kids?

To breakdown Lil Baby’s growing family tree:

  • Jason Armani
    • Mother: Ayesha Little
    • Born: February 9, 2013
    • Age: 10 years old (as of 2023)
  • Loyal Armani
    • Mother: Jayda Cheaves
    • Born: February 22, 2019
    • Age: 4 years old (as of 2023)

That covers the key details on the mothers to both Jason and Loyal. Though rumors continue to swirl, Lil Baby confirms he just has the two boys so far.

The Names and Ages of Lil Baby’s Children

Let’s do a quick recap of names and dates for Lil Baby’s kids:

Jason Armani

  • Date of Birth: February 9th, 2013
  • Age: 10 years old (as of 2023)
  • Mother: Ayesha Little

Loyal Armani

  • Date of Birth: February 22nd, 2019
  • Age: 4 years old (as of 2023)
  • Mother: Jayda Cheaves

So there you have it – the current ages and baby mamas to both of Lil Baby’s growing sons Jason and Loyal.

What Does the Future Hold for Lil Baby’s Family?

While Lil Baby has achieved immense success in the music industry, perhaps his proudest accomplishment is his growing, blended family. The rapper is clearly dedicated to being a hands-on father as much

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