Emily Kaplan Wiki, Age, Husband, Wedding, Married, and Net Worth

From covering college football at Penn State to becoming one of ESPN’s top NHL insiders, Emily Kaplan’s path to sports broadcasting stardom is as unique as her passionate hockey analysis.

Let’s dive into the remarkable journey of this rising media star!

Emily Kaplan Wiki & Bio: Rise of the Hockey Journalist Extraordinaire

Born on May 7, 1991, in New Jersey, Emily Kaplan’s love for sports writing blossomed at an early age.

Her fandom for the New York Rangers ignited a lifelong passion for hockey that would eventually shape her career trajectory.

After honing her skills at Montclair High School, Kaplan pursued a prestigious journalism degree from Penn State University, laying the foundation for her meteoric rise.

Real NameEmily Kaplan
Date of BirthMay 7th, 1991
BirthplaceNew Jersey, USA
Lives inUSA
CastNot Known
ProfessionNews Anchor (Journalism)
Birth SignTaurus

How Old is Emily Kaplan? Age, Height & Other Key Facts

As of 2024, Emily Kaplan is 32 years old, celebrating another year of incredible career milestones.

Standing tall at 5 feet 6 inches, this fit and athletic journalist commands attention both on and off the camera.

While her weight fluctuates around 58 kg, Kaplan’s radiant smile and engaging personality are constants that endear her to millions of fans worldwide.

Age32 years old
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
WeightApproximately 58Kg
Body ColorWhite
Hair ColorBrown
Eyes ColorLite Black
Skin ColorWhite
Body TypeSlim

Is Emily Kaplan Married? Exploring Her Closely-Guarded Personal Life

Despite her celebrity status as an ESPN host and writer, Emily Kaplan has masterfully maintained privacy regarding her romantic relationships.

Fans are left speculating whether the charismatic journalist is married, single, or perhaps dating someone special behind the scenes.

Kaplan’s tight-lipped approach to her personal life only adds to her alluring mystique.

“I prefer to keep my private life separate from my professional endeavors,” Kaplan has stated in interviews. “My focus is on delivering the best hockey coverage possible for our passionate fans.”

Emily Kaplan’s Wedding Plans – What We Know So Far

In line with her guarded stance on relationships, details about Emily Kaplan’s potential wedding plans remain scarce.

Should the talented reporter decide to tie the knot, one can only imagine the excitement and media frenzy that would ensue.

For now, fans can only admire her unwavering dedication to her craft and hope for a glimpse into her personal life when she’s ready to share.

Meet Emily Kaplan’s Family – The Supportive Circle Behind Her Success

While Emily Kaplan may keep her romantic life under wraps, she has been more forthcoming about the influential role her family played in her success.

Her father, David Kaplan, a fellow Rangers fan, nurtured her hockey fervor from a young age.

Kaplan’s mother, Naomi, provided unconditional support and encouragement throughout her academic and professional pursuits.

Kaplan’s sisters, Lea and Eva, have also been pillars of strength, cheering her on every step of the way.

As Emily fondly recalls, “My family’s unwavering belief in me gave me the courage to chase my wildest dreams, even when the odds seemed stacked against me.”

The Inside Scoop on Emily Kaplan’s Stellar ESPN Career

In 2017, Emily Kaplan’s hard work and talent paid off when she landed her dream job at ESPN, covering the National Hockey League (NHL) as an arena reporter and co-hosting the popular “In the Crease” podcast.

Her incisive analysis, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm for the sport, quickly made her a fan favorite.

Kaplan’s crowning achievement came in 2022 when she was tapped to cover the Stanley Cup Finals, hockey’s most prestigious event.

Her live updates and behind-the-scenes insights provided an unparalleled viewing experience for millions of devoted fans.

“Emily’s passion for the game is infectious,” gushed colleague and fellow ESPN host, John Buccigross. “She has an innate ability to capture the electrifying atmosphere of hockey’s biggest moments.”

Unveiling Emily Kaplan’s Envious Net Worth As An ESPN Star

Emily Kaplan’s meteoric rise at ESPN has translated into an impressive net worth, estimated to be a staggering $1.5 million as of 2024.

This figure places her among the highest-earning sportscasters in the industry, a true testament to her talent and hard work.

To put her wealth into perspective, consider that the average salary for a national sports broadcaster in the United States hovers around $60,000 per year.

Kaplan’s net worth dwarfs that figure, reflecting her status as a bonafide media superstar.

Breaking Down Emily Kaplan’s Salary At ESPN

While ESPN remains tight-lipped about individual employee salaries, industry insiders estimate that Emily Kaplan’s yearly compensation could range anywhere from $70,000 to $80,000 at the lower end, all the way up to multiple six figures for top-tier talent like herself.

On a monthly basis, this could translate to a staggering income of $6,000 to $7,000 or potentially even higher, depending on her specific contract terms and additional revenue streams.

How Emily Kaplan Accrued Her Multi-Million Dollar Net Worth

So, how did Emily Kaplan amass such an impressive fortune? Her lucrative ESPN contract undoubtedly accounts for a significant portion of her wealth.

Savvy investments and endorsement deals have also played a role in bolstering her net worth over the years.

Kaplan’s popularity and reach have made her an attractive spokesperson for various sports brands and products, opening up additional income avenues.

Her financial acumen and prudent money management have allowed her to grow her wealth through strategic investments and diverse income sources.

The Prestigious Academic Path That Prepped Emily For Greatness

Emily Kaplan’s journey to broadcasting stardom began with a solid academic foundation.

After excelling at Montclair High School, she pursued a journalism degree from the esteemed Penn State University, honing her writing and reporting skills.

Her time at Penn State was invaluable, as Kaplan gained hands-on experience covering the university’s football team, sharpening her ability to capture the essence of high-stakes athletic events.

This early exposure to the fast-paced world of sports journalism prepared her for the demands of her future career.

The Brilliant Career Journey Of Emily Kaplan: From AP to ESPN Superstardom

The Brilliant Career Journey Of Emily Kaplan: From AP to ESPN Superstardom

Emily Kaplan’s career trajectory is a testament to her relentless determination and talent.

Fresh out of college, she landed her first major gig as a reporter for the Associated Press in 2010, covering a wide range of sports topics.

After two years of honing her craft, Kaplan’s bylines began appearing in esteemed publications like The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Boston Globe, where she served as a sports intern.

Her big break came in 2013 when she was hired as a staff writer for the iconic Sports Illustrated magazine, a role she held for three years.

It was during her tenure at Sports Illustrated that Kaplan’s hockey expertise truly blossomed.

She covered the NHL extensively, gaining invaluable insights and connections within the industry. This paved the way for her ultimate destination – ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports broadcasting.

Get A Glimpse Into Emily Kaplan’s Life Via Her Social Accounts

While Emily Kaplan may keep some aspects of her personal life private, she offers fans a glimpse into her world through her active social media presence.

Her Twitter handle, @emilymkaplan, boasts an impressive 87.5k followers, a testament to her popularity and influence.

Kaplan’s Instagram account, also followed by 87.5k users, is a vibrant mix of behind-the-scenes snapshots from hockey arenas, candid moments with colleagues, and a few tantalizing glimpses of her life off the ice.

Her social media feeds are a must-follow for any devoted hockey fan or aspiring journalist seeking inspiration.

5 Fascinating Facts About Emily Kaplan You Probably Didn’t Know

Emily Kaplan is more than just a familiar face in the world of sports journalism; she’s a multifaceted individual with a wealth of intriguing qualities.

Here are five captivating facts that shed light on the diverse facets of Emily’s life and passions:

  1. Avid Hiker and Outdoor Enthusiast: When she’s not covering hockey, Emily Kaplan loves to hit the trails and immerse herself in nature’s beauty. Her Instagram is filled with stunning snapshots from her hiking adventures.
  2. Collaborative Spirit: Kaplan has worked alongside legendary sports writers and illustrators, constantly seeking to improve her craft through collaboration with industry greats.
  3. Wanderlust: An avid traveler, Emily has crisscrossed the globe, covering hockey events and indulging her passion for exploring new cultures and cuisines.
  4. Renaissance Woman: In addition to her hockey prowess, Kaplan has showcased her versatility by appearing on ESPN’s popular daily show, “Around the Horn,” tackling a wide range of sports topics.
  5. Hockey Superfan: Even when she’s off the clock, Emily Kaplan remains a die-hard hockey fan. She’s been spotted cheering on her beloved Rangers at Madison Square Garden, embodying the spirit of the game she adores.


Why does Emily Kaplan wear a mask?

As a prominent on-site reporter, Emily Kaplan adheres to strict league protocols and safety measures. Wearing a mask not only protects herself but also sets an example for responsible behavior during these unprecedented times.

Where is Emily Kaplan from?

Emily Kaplan was born and raised in New Jersey, which explains her lifelong affinity for the New York Rangers. Her Garden State roots have instilled in her a gritty determination that has fueled her incredible success.

How did Emily Kaplan get her start in sports journalism?

Kaplan’s passion for sports writing blossomed during her college days at Penn State University, where she covered the university’s football team. This hands-on experience paved the way for her subsequent roles at the Associated Press, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Boston Globe.

What makes Emily Kaplan stand out as an NHL reporter?

In addition to her in-depth knowledge of the game, Emily Kaplan brings a contagious enthusiasm and genuine love for hockey that resonates with fans. Her ability to capture the electrifying atmosphere of marquee events sets her apart from her peers.

Does Emily Kaplan have any plans to branch out beyond hockey reporting?

While hockey will always be her first love, Emily Kaplan has demonstrated her versatility by appearing on ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” tackling various sports topics. Her well-rounded expertise and engaging personality make her a valuable asset for the network, opening up exciting possibilities for future endeavors.

Final Thoughts

Emily Kaplan’s journey from a hockey-obsessed New Jersey native to one of ESPN’s most prominent NHL insiders is a tale of passion, perseverance, and unwavering dedication.

With her unparalleled insights, infectious enthusiasm, and impressive net worth, Kaplan has firmly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports broadcasting.

As she continues to captivate audiences with her unmatched hockey coverage, one can only wonder what exciting milestones lie ahead for this rising star.

Whether she’s delivering live updates from the Stanley Cup Finals or hosting insightful podcasts, Emily Kaplan’s impact on the sport she loves is undeniable.

Fans eagerly await the next chapter in her remarkable career, secure in the knowledge that hockey has found one of its most passionate and talented ambassadors.

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