Cass Castillo – Meet Former QB Joe Montana’s Second Wife

Though Joe Montana is a legendary NFL quarterback, his second marriage to Cass Castillo remains shrouded in mystery. Let’s pull back the curtain on this little-known chapter of “Joe Cool’s” life.

Cass Castillo’s Marriage To Joe Montana

Cass Castillo first crossed paths with the former quarterback while working as a flight attendant. The two tied the knot in July 1981, with Castillo four years Montana’s senior. However, their marriage was short-lived, ending in a bitter divorce just three years later with no children.

While details of their relationship are scant, rumors suggested Castillo may have been overprotective as Montana’s fame escalated with the San Francisco 49ers. This potential clash between his rising stardom and her protectiveness could have contributed to the breakdown of their marriage.

Behind Closed Doors

Very few public details exist about Castillo and Montana’s courtship and marriage. The former quarterback’s teammates remained tight-lipped about the couple’s dynamics. This silence only fuels speculation that Castillo struggled with Montana’s exploding celebrity as “Joe Cool.”

Did his newfound success cause friction between the former duo? Without insider insights, the truth remains elusive over 40 years later.

Castillo Attended A White House Party With Her Then-Husband, Joe Montana

While their marriage was brief, one fascinating anecdote emerged – Cass Castillo attended a high-profile White House party alongside Montana in 1982. A rare photo captured the couple arriving for a state dinner hosted by President Ronald Reagan to honor visiting Italian President Alessandro Pertini.

This glimpse into the life Castillo briefly shared with her NFL star husband is one of the few public records of their time together as a married couple. It paints a picture of the exclusive social circles they inhabited before their eventual split.

Cass Castillo Didn’t Return Montana’s Super Bowl MVP Trophy?

In the aftermath of their divorce, salacious rumors circulated that Cass Castillo refused to return several of Montana’s prized possessions, including his 1982 Super Bowl MVP trophy. Reports alleged she also kept an Arabian horse, two dogs, and around $60,000 from the sale of their Huntington Beach home.

These accusations even made their way to the San Mateo County Superior Court as part of Montana’s divorce proceedings against his estranged ex-wife. However, an old Sports Illustrated article claimed these rumors of Castillo holding Montana’s memorabilia hostage were untrue.

The Bitter Divorce Battle

What is certain is that their divorce was not amicable. Joe Montana filed to end the marriage in October 1983, which was finalized in 1984. Castillo reportedly demanded a hefty $72,000 per year in temporary support.

However, the specific details of their divorce settlement have remained private over the decades since this NFL power couple’s contentious split.

Cass Castillo’s Ex-Husband Is Happily Married With Children

Cass Castillo's Ex-Husband Is Happily Married With Children

After two failed marriages by his late 20s, Joe Montana finally found lasting love and started a family. In 1985, just a year after divorcing Castillo, he wed actress and model Jennifer Wallace after connecting on a Schick razor commercial shoot.

The former quarterback and his third wife Jennifer Montana have been living a “blissful marital life” for nearly 40 years. They are the proud parents of four children – two sons who followed in their father’s footsteps by playing college football, and two daughters.

While Cass Castillo represented one of Montana’s personal and professional nadirs, his third marriage to Jennifer has been a decades-long journey of joy, family, and stability for the football icon.

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Who was Joe Montana’s second wife?

Cass Castillo, a former flight attendant four years older than Montana, was the quarterback’s second wife. They married in 1981.

Why did Joe Montana sue his ex-wife?

There were unconfirmed reports that Montana sued Castillo over allegations she kept some of his memorabilia, including his 1982 Super Bowl MVP trophy, after their divorce. However, these rumors were later denied.

How did Joe Montana meet his wife Jennifer?

Montana met his third and current wife Jennifer Wallace, an actress and model, in the mid-1980s when they co-starred together in a commercial for Schick razors. The two hit it off and later married in 1985.

Why did Joe Montana wear number 16?

Though Montana famously wore #16 for the 49ers, that wasn’t his first choice. His idol Joe Kapp wore #16, so Montana wanted the same at Notre Dame. When that number was already taken, he flipped it to #19 instead.

Closing Summary:

Though the juicy details remain shrouded in mystery, Cass Castillo’s time as Joe Montana’s second wife clearly did not go the storybook distance. But the NFL legend ultimately found his storybook ending, building an enduring legacy of marital bliss with his third wife Jennifer Montana. Sometimes you have to endure frustrating chapters before finding that fairytale ending. For Montana, wonderful wife #3 was certainly the charm.

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