Billy Carson Net Worth, Wife, Age, Bio, and Height

Billy Carson is a true renaissance man, known for his diverse roles as a film actor, musician, producer, director, TV host, and author.

With an estimated net worth of approximately $6 million USD, Carson has made a name for himself in various fields, earning income from multiple sources.

Let’s delve into the fascinating life of this multitalented individual, exploring his journey, relationships, and accomplishments.

Bio & Wiki

Born as Billy Camrick Carson II on September 4, 1971, in Queens, New York, Carson’s life has been a whirlwind of creativity and determination.

Currently residing in Monroeville, Alabama, with his wife Evelyn, this 52-year-old Virgo is known for his unwavering Christian faith and American nationality.

Carson’s rise to fame can be attributed to his role as the CEO and Owner of the renowned 4biddenknowledge, a platform dedicated to exploring the unknown and uncovering hidden truths.

His acting career has garnered him recognition, cementing his status as a multifaceted talent.

Billy Carson Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of approximately $6 million USD as of 2023, Billy Carson’s income streams are as diverse as his talents.

While he is primarily known as the CEO of 4biddenknowledge, his income sources extend far beyond this venture.

  1. 4biddenknowledge: As the founder and CEO of this platform, Carson earns a significant portion of his income from its operations and initiatives.
  2. Book Sales: Carson is a best-selling author, with titles like “Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke” and “The Compendium Of The Emerald” contributing to his earnings.
  3. YouTube Channels: With over 1 million subscribers across his YouTube channels, including “ForbiddenKnowledge1” and “billycarsonofficial,” Carson generates substantial revenue from advertising and sponsorships.
  4. Acting and Production: Carson’s roles in movies, TV shows, and his work as a producer add to his income stream.
  5. Other Businesses: He is also the CEO of Zenforce Media, First Class Space Agency, Inc, and American Compassionate Care, further diversifying his income sources.

While exact figures are not disclosed, it is estimated that Carson earns anywhere between $20,000 to $250,000 from his YouTube channels alone in a single year, showcasing the lucrative nature of his multiple income sources.

Wife, Girlfriend

Billy Carson is happily married to his wife, Evelyn. The couple resides in their hometown of Monroeville, Alabama, where they enjoy a peaceful life surrounded by their furry companions.

Details about their relationship and how they met remain private, but Carson has often spoken fondly of his wife and their life together.

My wife Evelyn and I love sitting on the porch with our animals, taking in the simple pleasures of life.”Billy Carson

Their bond is evident in the way Carson talks about his wife, painting a picture of a strong, supportive partnership built on mutual understanding and shared values.

Age, Height, Weight

In this table, we present essential personal information regarding an individual.

At 52 years old as of 2023, the individual stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches, with an approximate weight of 70 kilograms.

Their eye color and hair color are both black, and their body type is considered normal. Specific body measurements are unavailable.

The individual identifies as straight in terms of sexual orientation and is of American-African ethnicity.

Age52 years old (as of 2023)
Height6 feet 4 inches
WeightApproximately 70 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Body TypeNormal
Body MeasurementsUnavailable
Sexual OrientationStraight


While details about Billy Carson’s family are scarce, it is known that his father’s name is Billy Carson Sr., and his mother is Ingrid Carson. Information about his siblings, if any, is not publicly available.

Carson’s upbringing and childhood experiences remain largely private, but it is evident that his family played a significant role in shaping the person he is today.

In interviews, he has occasionally shared anecdotes and insights that offer a glimpse into his family’s influence on his life and career.

Top Billy Carson Books

Billy Carson’s literary prowess is undeniable, with several best-selling books to his name. Here are some of his top publications that have captivated readers worldwide:

  1. “Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke”
  2. “The Epic of Humanity”
  3. “The Thirteen-Centered Stargate”

Carson’s books delve into a wide range of topics, from personal growth and spirituality to exploring the depths of human existence.

His writing is known for its thought-provoking nature, blending scientific insights with philosophical musings.

In ‘The Epic of Humanity,’ Carson takes readers on a journey through the ages, exploring the complexities of our existence and the interconnectedness of all things.” – Book Review, New York Times

With each book, Carson showcases his literary prowess, captivating audiences with his unique perspectives and engaging storytelling.


In addition to his literary and entrepreneurial endeavors, Billy Carson has also made his mark on the silver screen.

Some of the notable movies he has appeared in or produced include:

  • Chronicles Of The Anunnaki
  • Judicial Injustice
  • Code 12
  • Life Beyond Our Existence
  • DocUFObia

Carson’s roles in these films have ranged from thought-provoking to action-packed, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

His performances have been praised for their authenticity and emotional depth, adding to his growing reputation as a multitalented artist.

TV Shows

Billy Carson’s talents have also graced the small screen, where he has hosted and appeared in various TV shows.

Some of his most notable television appearances include:

TV ShowNetworkRole
Deep SpaceTravel ChannelHost
UFOs: Uncovering the TruthScience ChannelHost
After ContactGaiaHost
Countdown to ApocalypseDiscovery ChannelHost

As an expert host on channels like Gaia, Travel Channel, Science Channel, Discovery Channel, and DDTV, Carson has captivated audiences with his in-depth knowledge and charismatic presence.

He hosts his own network, 4biddenknowledge TV, further showcasing his passion for exploring the unknown.


Billy Carson’s career is a testament to his multidimensional talents and unwavering determination.

From humble beginnings as an actor, he has branched out into various roles, including producer, director, TV host, and author.

One of his most significant achievements is founding and serving as the CEO of 4biddenknowledge, a platform dedicated to uncovering hidden truths and exploring the mysteries of our existence.

This venture has not only garnered him recognition but has also become a significant income source.

To 4biddenknowledge, Carson has also founded several other companies, including:

  • Zenforce Media
  • First Class Space Agency
  • Inc
  • American Compassionate Care

His entrepreneurial spirit and diverse interests have led him to explore various avenues, each contributing to his success and growing net worth.

Furthermore, Carson’s career has been punctuated by numerous accolades and awards, including “The 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards,” which recognizes his contributions to raising awareness and promoting personal growth.

Social Media Links

Billy Carson’s influence extends far beyond the realms of books, movies, and TV shows. He has a significant social media presence, allowing him to connect with his fans and share his insights with the world.

Here are his official social media links:

  • YouTube:
    • ForbiddenKnowledge1 (668K Subscribers)
    • billycarsonofficial (469K Subscribers)
  • Facebook: Billy Carson (105K Followers)
  • Twitter: Billy Carson II (37.3K Followers)
  • Instagram: 4biddenknowledge (1.4M Followers)
  • Wikipedia: Billy Carson

Through these platforms, Carson shares his perspectives on various topics, engages with his audience, and continues to inspire and educate people from all walks of life.


Answering Common Questions about Billy Carson

What is Billy Carson famous for?

Billy Carson is famous for being the CEO of 4biddenknowledge, a platform dedicated to exploring the unknown and uncovering hidden truths.

He is renowned for his work as an actor, appearing in several movies and TV shows.

Is Billy Carson married?

Yes, Billy Carson is married to a woman named Evelyn. The couple currently resides in Monroeville, Alabama, where they lead a peaceful life surrounded by their beloved pets.

How much is Billy Carson’s net worth?

According to estimates, Billy Carson’s net worth is approximately $6 million USD as of 2023.

This impressive fortune has been accumulated through various income sources, including his businesses, book sales, acting roles, and YouTube channels.

What does Billy Carson do for a living?

Billy Carson wears many hats in his professional life. He is the CEO and Owner of 4biddenknowledge, as well as four other companies: Zenforce Media, First Class Space Agency, Inc, and American Compassionate Care.

He is a best-selling author, actor, producer, director, TV host, and expert host on various TV channels.

Final Thoughts

Billy Carson’s life is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and versatility.

With a net worth of $6 million USD, he has carved a unique path for himself, excelling in various fields while remaining grounded in his values and beliefs.

From his humble beginnings in Queens, New York, to his current residence in Monroeville, Alabama, Carson’s journey has been a whirlwind of creativity, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.

His diverse income streams, ranging from businesses to book sales and acting roles, showcase his unwavering drive to explore new horizons.

As the CEO of 4biddenknowledge and other companies, Carson has built a legacy that extends far beyond financial success.

His commitment to uncovering the unknown and promoting personal growth has resonated with audiences worldwide, solidifying his status as a thought leader and influential figure.

Whether through his best-selling books, captivating performances on the big and small screens, or his engaging social media presence, Billy Carson continues to inspire and enlighten those around him.

His life is a testament to the limitless possibilities that can be achieved when passion, talent, and perseverance converge.

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